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The Aviom remote-controllable 6416m Mic Input Module provides 16 state-of-the-art mic- level analog inputs to a Pro64 system.

Each input channel features continuous gain control, +48V phantom power, low cut filter, phase invert, mute, and a network activation button. With a switchable pad per channel, the 6416m also accepts balanced line-level inputs.

Simplified Remote Control
Audio settings for each channel can be configured from the front panel or controlled remotely using the optional RCI Remote Control Interface combined with the MCS Mic Control Surface. A single MCS can be used to control all 6416m Mic Input Modules in a Pro64 network or those assigned to a particular Control Group. Sixteen mic preamp presets can be saved in each 6416m.

On the rear panel, the 6416m features both XLR jacks and DB25 multipin connectors for inputs and passive splits. A-Net network connections use heavy-duty locking EtherCon® connectors.

Pro64 A-Net supports three ranges of variable sample rates: 44.1/48kHz±, 96kHz±, and 192kHz±. No matter the sample rate, all 16 input channels on the 6416m are available for use. All audio is streamed at 24-bit resolution with no data compression at any time.

The 6416m also includes I/O for Aviom's Virtual Data Cables. The VDCs can be used for simultaneously distributing up to 14 channels of non-audio control data to any device on the Pro64 network. The 6416m provides VDC connectors for MIDI In, MIDI Out, RS232, and GPIO.

The 6416m also features the security of a rear-panel four-pin XLR connector for optional backup DC power.
  • 16 state-of-the-art mic-level inputs (XLR)
  • Passive splitter/alternate input (two DB25s)
  • Continuously variable gain, phase, low cut filter, pad, and +48V phantom power per channel
  • Remote controllable over A-Net with the RCI Remote Control Interface and MCS Mic Control Surface combination or from select Yamaha consoles, using m-control.
  • Remote controllable via Pro64 Network Manager software
  • Specifications
    Inputs: 16 channels; XLR
    Passive Split/ Alternate Inputs: DB25 multipin; analog audio pinout
    Differential Input Impedance: 3.6k ohms
    Input Gain Range: 0-55dB, variable, in 1dB increments
    Maximum Input Level:
    0dB gain, Pad on = +24dBu
    0dB gain, Pad off = 0dBu
    55dB gain, Pad on = -31dBu
    55dB gain, Pad off = -55dBu
    Minimum Input Level for 0dBFS @ maximum gain : Pad on = -31dBu, Pad off = -55dBu
    Pad: -24dB, switchable per channel
    Low Cut Filter : -3dB @85Hz, -18dB per octave; per channel
    Phantom Power : +48 volts; per channel
    Preset Memory : 16; saves all channel strip audio parameters
    Sample Rates:
    1x: 39.7-52kHz
    2x: 79.4-104kHz
    4x: 158.8-208kHz
    Frequency Response :
    +/- 0.3dB 20-23kHz at 48kHz
    +/- 0.3dB 20-45kHz at 96kHz
    +/- 0.3dB 20-53kHz at 192kHz
    -3dB @ 2Hz (at all sample rates)
    A/D Converters: 24 bit
    THD+N : 0.0015% @1.0kHz, -10dBFS, 0.007% @ 1.0kHz, -1dBFS
    Dynamic Range (noise floor) : 112dB
    Crosstalk : -110dB @1kHz. 35dB gain
    Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) : -127dBu
    CMMR : 78dB @ 1.0kHz / 75dB @ 10kHz typical
    A-Net : Two Category 5 (EtherCon RJ45 connectors)
    Latency : Analog input to analog output: <800µs
    A-Net Cable Length : 400 feet (120 meters) between devices
    Virtual Data Cables : MIDI In, MIDI Out, 5-pin DIN, RS-232, DB9 connector, DIP switch configuration , GPIO In (x4); terminal block connectors; DIP switch configuration; TTL or isolated
    Power Supply : Internal, universal switching type; standard IEC cable provided
    Voltage : 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 55W
    Backup Power : 4-pin XLR; 24 Volt DC , Pin 1 = Ground; Pin 2/3 no connect; Pin 4 24VDC
    Dimensions : (3U) 19" wide x 12" deep x 5.25" high (482.6 x 304.8 x 133 .3 mm)
    Weight : 15 lb. (6.80 kg)
    Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature : +50°C
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