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Grace Design m502

The Grace Design m502 is a 500 series optical compressor that shares identical audio circuitry as the famous half-rack m102.

From gentle dynamic smoothing to full tilt squash, these units deliver open, musical dynamic control that is the perfect companion to our high fidelity mic preamplifiers or any recording chain. All your tracks can now have glorious, easy to use compression which regardless of how much you squeeze, will always end up with their sonic essence perfectly intact.

The heart of the compressor circuit is an optical attenuator - the purest, high fidelity gain control mechanism available. With careful attention to control circuit design, we are able to implement a feedback opto compressor that not only provides a wide range of dynamic control, but remains inherently neutral, open and musical.

Both are full featured units, including input and output level, threshold, attack, release and ratio controls. The m102 includes balanced inputs and outputs, both with parallel XLR and ¼" TRS connectors, along with a 1/4" TRS jack for stereo link or sidechain signal input. The m502 includes connectivity for sidechain input, stereo linking and even the Radial® Workhorse Bussfeed.

While lots of our gear adorns the most expensive recording and audio production facilities in the world, all of it sounds that way, and the m102 & m502 are no exception. We eagerly invite you to hear what truly transparent, musical dynamic control can do for your audio production. The perfect way to zip it all up and send it all downstream: clean, intact and alive.
  • Elegantly simple, purist feedback design optical compressor, optimized for signal leveling with a minimum of sonic artifacts
  • From subtle dynamic control to heavy compression, the sonic character of the source remains intact
  • Comprehensive control set includes input level, threshhold, attack, release, ratio and makeup gain
  • Bright, easy to read 10 segment LED gain reduction meters
  • Bi-color output peak LED lights green with signal present and red 8dB before clipping
  • (m102) dual balanced inputs and outputs on XLR and 1/4" TRS
  • (m502) circuit board header / connector for stereo linking
  • (m502) connections for sidechain, stereo linking, and Radial® Workhorse Bussfeed
  • Precision audio path with 0.5% precision metal film resistors
  • Bombproof laser-etched black anodized frontpanel
  • (m102) Built in universal power supply
  • Specifications
    Input Trim : -10 - +10dB
    Output Trim : -10 - +10dB

    Threshold Range : -15 - +15 dBu
    Attack Range : 3 - 200 ms
    Release Range : 0.03 - 3 s
    Ratio Range : 1:1 - 12:1
    Gain Reduction : 0 - 20dB

    THD+N 1kHz, 22Hz-22kHz BW
    @ 0dB Gain +10dBu out : <0.002%

    @ 0dB Gain +20dBu out:
    SMPTE/DIN 4:1 7kHz/50Hz : <0.002%

    OUTPUT NOISE 22Hz-22kHz BW
    @0dB Gain : <-78dB

    CMRR @0dB Gain, 3.5Vcm
    100Hz : >75dB
    1kHz : >75dB
    10kHz : >75dB

    @0dB Gain -3dB : 0.016Hz-150kHz

    Line In : 24k
    Main Out balanced : 350
    Main Out unbalanced : 150
    Link In - sidechain mode : 100k

    Output Peak Indicator : Green: -15dBu; Red: +20dBu
    Gain Reduction Meter : 0-10dB Gain Reduction

    (m502) 100k Ohm load, 0.1% THD , 1kHz, API Lunchbox : +27dBu

    (m502) 0.7 lb : H5.25" x W1.5" x D6.6"

    (m502) Current required from +16V and -16V power supplies : 120mA Max
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    For more information about the m502, please visit the website of Grace Design
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