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Focal Shape 40
Shape 40 is a compact studio monitor from Focal Pro , and the perfect solution for nearfield monitoring. They can be used from 23" away (60cm), and have extended low Hz response Whether you have a... View more
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Grace Design M900
The m900 is a portable, desktop friendly headphone amplifier / DAC / preamp combo designed to give transparent audio playback from USB, S/PDIF or TOSLINK sources For small DAW studio setups, portable... View more
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Save 5.1%, MSRP $761.00
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250 ohm
The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO is a professional acoustically open headphone for monitoring and studio applications. Perfect to reduce the ear fatigue. Superior build quality. The DT 990 PRO is an open... View more
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Save 32.2%, MSRP $369.00
Dangerous Music Source
Just because you're on the move with a portable rig or working in a project studio doesn't mean you should sacrifice a single thing when it comes to monitoring. If anything, these are environments... View more
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Save 17.8%, MSRP $1455.00
Dangerous Music Monitor SR
The Dangerous Music MONITOR ST is an audiophile-grade, multi-purpose monitor controller for tracking, mixing and mastering that won't color your sound. With the SR expansion unit, you can turn the... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $2382.00
The ADAM A77X due to its outstanding features, might become a true game changer. The A77X is the extremely wide stereo foundation and brilliant stereo imaging. The A77X is a horizontally designed... View more
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Save 14.4%, MSRP $1775.00
Zaor Monitor Stand - Black Grey
Zaor stands are very well built, sturdy, and of a manageable weight if you need to move them and quick and easy to adjust. When you are looking for a pair of solid, well built and nice looking... View more
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Aviom AN-16/i v.2
AN-16/i v.2 can connect up to 16 balanced line-level inputs from a console's direct outputs, insert points, aux sends, and/or submixes to a personal mixing system or digital snake When used alone,... View more
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Save 11.1%, MSRP $1747.00
ATC Loudspeakers SCM150ASL Pro (single)
The ATC Loudspeakers SCM150ASL Pro is a further development of the SCM100ASL Pro, featuring an extended bass, greater headroom and a higher dynamic range. The SCM150ASL Pro substitutes a larger 375mm... View more


Genelec 7360A
The Genelec 7360A SAM™ subwoofer provides accurate low frequency monitoring for all analogue and digital applications and features AutoCal™ and GLM™ technologies The 7360A combines the Laminar Spiral... View more
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Save 25.5%, MSRP $3149.00
JBL Intonato 24MX
The JBL Intonato 24 Monitor Management Tuning System provides easy setup, automated calibration and comprehensive control of professional monitoring systems. Housed in a 2U rack-mount enclosure,... View more
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Save 14.7%, MSRP $5100.00
Sound Anchors ADJ1 - Pair 56'' (Pair)
Sound Anchor ADJ1 Stands make proper speaker placement possible. When monitors are positioned properly on rigid stable platforms they work better period. 56 Inches tall. The entire sound field will... View more


PSI Audio A25M - Red
The pinnacle of PSI Audio system development, the A25-M main / mid-field reference monitor features a staggering precision of +/- 1.5 dB tolerance between 38Hz and 20KHz. Red color The tweeter unit... View more
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ATC Loudspeakers SCM100ASL Pro (single)
The ATC Loudspeakers SCM100ASL Pro is an active 3-way monitor system suitable for larger rooms, based around the same tweeter, midrange and amp configuration as the SCM50ASL Pro. The SCM100ASL Pro is... View more


Audient iD22
The iD22 transforms your DAW into a world-class recording system by connecting directly to your microphones, computer and monitors. PRISTINE CONVERTER TECHNOLOGY. iD22 provides two analogue inputs... View more
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Save 10.3%, MSRP $779.00
Hafler P3100
The P3100 is a 2-channel power amplifier that is equally at home with the most discerning audiophile as with the most demanding studio recording engineer David Hafler pioneered the use of MOSFETs... View more
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Audio Technica ATH-M3X
The Audio Technica ATH-M3X is a Mid-size Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Headphones. Excellent isolation and powerful bass. Engineered for digital program materials, the ATH-M3X closed-back dynamic stereo... View more


Save 19%, MSRP $79.00
SPL Phonitor 2 (Black)
The Phonitor 2 can be used as the ultimate monitor controller and preamp for three different sources with exceptional audio performance. When we brought out the first Phonitor - the first ever... View more
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Save 3.3%, MSRP $2999.00
Dynaudio 9S
The Dynaudio 9S subwoofer is designed to complement LYD and other Dynaudio Pro studio monitors, including the classic BM range Studio-quality components and construction make the 9S, with its double... View more
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Save 6.3%, MSRP $1599.00
Genelec 8000-409B
Stable steel floor stand with a broad round cast iron base - black. Height is adjustable using a clamping screw and safety pin. Load capacity 35 kg (77 lb) It features a 38". thread for any of the... View more


Save 25.7%, MSRP $179.00
Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 ohm
Beyerdynamic DT 250-80 omh is a lightweight, low profile, closed headphone for broadcast, recording studios and intercom applications (optionally with limiter). The DT 250 is a lightweight, low... View more
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Save 22%, MSRP $305.00
The Adam S2V is a classic two-way nearfield monitor designed for use in small-to-medium-sized control rooms The 7-inch bass driver, newly created from the ground up for the S Series, covers... View more
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Save 14.1%, MSRP $2935.00
Telefunken THP-29 Black
Developed in partnership with Direct Sound, the TELEFUNKEN THP-29 Extreme Isolation headphones are designed for use in both the studio and live sound environments. Ultra-fidelity, high input 40mm... View more


Save 2.9%, MSRP $205.00
Presonus HP60
Loud, Clear, Custom Monitor Mixes. The HP60 is a 6-Channel Headphone Mixing System that will greatly improve your headphone playback workflow. The problem solver.. "Turn my headphones up!" "More me,... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $549.00
PSI Audio A21M - Red
The A21-M is a high power near / mid-field precision monitor covers a broad frequency spectrum, allowing the user to be in full control of their audio production. Red color. Its unique and highly... View more
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Avantone MixCubes Active (Pair)
Listening tests reveal that the Avantone MixCubes have a smooth, more open, transparent top end response with extended bass while maintaining their basic original character. Application. Active... View more
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Save 32.7%, MSRP $979.00
Dynaudio 18S
Adding the Dynaudio 18S to your monitors will open up a new world of performance that lets you mix and master with painstaking accuracy and deliver tracks that translate beautifully to any playback... View more
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Save 7.1%, MSRP $2799.00
Dynaudio LYD 48
The Dynaudio LYD 48 is a 3-way speaker design, coupling an 8" and a 4" woofer with a 1" tweeter, making them well suited for nearfield as well as midfield monitor applications The 3-way LYD 48... View more
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Amphion BaseOne25 system
The Amphion BaseOne25 System features 2 subwoofer towers and 1 BaseAmp500 amplifier/crossover The ultimate monitoring solution. The Amphion BaseOne25 bass extension system offers a complete solution... View more
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Coleman Audio SR7.1 MKII
The SR7.1MKII is a surround level controller that gives precise level control for eight balanced audio signals. Fold down capabilites for stereo and mono and two 5.1 formats. Indiviual input mutes... View more
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Save 0%, MSRP $2569.00
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