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Avid PRE

  Price/Day Total
1 Day $54.00 $54.00
3 Days $36.00 $108.00
5 Days $27.00 $135.00
12 Days $18.00 $216.00
28 Days $11.50 $322.00
Remote-controllable, 8-channel Mic Preamp for Pro Tools|HD or Standalone UseCapture pristine, high-quality sound with PRE. Featuring eight discrete, matched-transistor, hybrid mic preamp circuits, PRE provides a transparent signal path, and easily accommodates your mic, line, and direct instrument (DI) level inputs on all eight channels. Plus, you... View more

Manley Labs Mic MAID

  Price/Day Total
1 Day $84.00 $84.00
3 Days $56.00 $168.00
5 Days $42.00 $210.00
12 Days $28.00 $336.00
28 Days $18.00 $504.00
Any mic, any pre, any time. Plug your four favorite mics and micpreamps into the MicMAID, and pick the best combination for every session. With its convenient level-matching capabilities and user-programmable routing schemes, this is the ultimate tool for auditioning and comparing your finest equipment. Get ready to find the sound you're... View more

Prism Sound Maselec MMA-4XR

  Price/Day Total
1 Day $105.00 $105.00
3 Days $70.00 $210.00
5 Days $52.50 $262.50
12 Days $35.00 $420.00
28 Days $22.50 $630.00
The Prism Sound Maselec MMA-4XR is an audiophile 4 channel microphone pre-amplifier offering the highest standards of performance. Design objectives included consistently good sound over the whole range of gain settings, a high level of transparency and ultra-low noise and distortion.ApplicationsThe MMA-4XR is designed for the discerning... View more
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