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Fostex CR500
  Price/Day Total
1 Day $24.00 $24.00
3 Days $16.00 $48.00
5 Days $12.00 $60.00
12 Days $8.00 $96.00
28 Days $5.00 $140.00
CR500 CD-R/RW Master Recorder to be launched at Musicmesse. The NEW Fostex CR500 is a next generation CD recorder which offers pro-quality advanced features both as a master recorder and as a playback machine, yet will be available at a surprsingly low cost.. On the master recorder side, CR500 offers the world-first direct BWF recording onto UDF... View more
Tascam CD-01U PRO
  Price/Day Total
1 Day $21.00 $21.00
3 Days $14.00 $42.00
5 Days $10.50 $52.50
12 Days $7.00 $84.00
28 Days $4.50 $126.00
The new TASCAM CD-01U and CD-01U Pro are professional CD players, each designed to fit into one rackspace. Available in two versions - an affordable unbalanced model and a professional model with balanced analog and digital outputs - the CD-01U and CD-01U Pro will save room in. broadcast equipment racks and custom installations.. Both the CD-01U... View more
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