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Acoustical foam provides the most cost-effective approach to controlling interfering reflections and noise. To optimize the performance and Studio in a Boxappearance of conventional acoustical foam, RPG patented an innovative profile design. This new nestable profile utilizes a Variable Depth Air Cavity (VDAC) to strategically space most of the foam away from the mounting surface for optimum absorption efficiency and economy. By combining ProFoam and RPG's ProCorner, a complete acoustical foam room treatment system is possible. This Studio In A Box Silver Package is now available at your local dealer.

There are three aspects of conventional foam which can be optimized:

1. Conventional flat backed wedge and convoluted foams are applied directly to the mounting surface, where the particle velocity is zero. Since no absorption can occur when the particle velocity is zero, a significant portion of solid foam is wasted.

VDAC Profile and Stack Diagram 2. To provide appropriate absorption coefficients, conventional foam is sold in several thicknesses. If an application requires additional absorption at a later date, the existing foam must be removed and a panel of greater thickness applied.

3. Conventional foam has limited interior design application because of its "industrial" appearance and potential safety hazards.

To solve these problems, RPG patented ProFoam, the first nestable, Variable Depth Air Cavity (VDAC) foam. ProFoam uses an innovative, attractive, and universal profile to space most of the foam away from the surface for optimum absorption. Since ProFoam is nestable, one size fits all applications.

Unlike conventional foam, additional absorption can be achieved at a later date by simply adding additional nestable layers to form a VDAC Stack. ProFoam's unique attractive shape allows it to be used as a design element. When formed from fire safe Melaflex, ProFoam can be used in all spaces that require Class A interior finish treatment.

VDAC technology provides minimum point of contact with the mounting surface, thus enabling most of the foam to be positioned away from the wall for optimum absorption. Unlike conventional foams which are applied in a fixed thickness, additional absorption can be achieved by simply stacking new layers on top of the existing ProFoam.

Installation of ProFoam is quick and easy. Simply apply construction adhesive to the foam ridges that contact the mounting surface. Hold ProFoam in place until the adhesive cures.
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