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Solid State Logic MADI to Dante Bridge

The SSL Network I/O: MADI-Bridge enables bi-directional format conversion between the industry standard MADI audio format and IP audio network's using Dante.

The Bridge can be used with any standard MADI device, including L300 and L500 consoles. The MADI-Bridge also offers bi-directional sample rate conversion between any asynchronous sample rates, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz and the ability to have independent clock domains between the two audio formats. With Dante committed to conform to AVB standards and AES67, the Bridge is also ready for future networked audio developments.

When used with SSL Live consoles the MADI-Bridge offers 32 channels of redundant audio @96kHz. When interfacing an L300 or L500 operating at their internal 96kHz sample rate with a 48kHz Dante network, the Bridge offers a useful bi-directional combine/split mode which allows two 32 channel 96kHz MADI streams to interface with a single 64 channel, 48kHz Dante network.

The SSL MADI-Bridge features a front panel headphone socket (with rotary level control) and inbuilt headphone monitor routing. Simple font panel controls facilitate routing mono or stereo paths from MADI In, MADI Out, Dante In or Dante Out directly to the headphones. A front panel LCD screen provides signal present metering selectable between any of the connected formats inputs or outputs. Redundant PSU, MADI ports and IP Network ports mean the Bridge is built for uninterrupted operation, keeping critical devices and audio paths functioning. In addition to the inbuilt clock redundancy options in Dante controller, the MADI-Bridge also includes a pair of redundant sync inputs for use as a self-redundant Dante Grand master clock. 32bit MADI control tunnelling allows a pair of MADI-Bridges to be used to pass audio and user bits of a whole MADI stream across a network. Remote locating existing MADI Mics or increasing cost efficiency of an existing fibre cable beyond a single MADI stream is now a simple task.
  • Interface between MADI and IP Audio Networks using Dante
  • Bi-directional combine/split mode
  • Bi-directional sample rate conversion between any asynchronous sample rates, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz
  • Virtual Headphone Patch- 4 location Monitoring and Signal Present Metering to truly replace your patch bay with a digital network while retaining confidence and fault finding tools
  • Redundant: PSU, MADI ports, Dante Ports, Sync In - Full Spec Redundancy
  • GPIO connectivity - embed tallies across the network
  • Redundant Network extension ports - Local IO at bridge without a switch
  • Word Clock out - Clock a MADI device to the Dante Network
  • Lockout Mode - Prevent accidental alteration of front panel settings
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