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Solid State Logic XLogic X-Rack VHD Mic Pre Module

The devilishly warm and dirty alternative to the pure Mic Amp Module. The VHD Mic Pre modules features the Variable Harmonic Drive circuits. XR627

A front end that combines classic SSL character with our new Variable Harmonic Drive circuit, delivering a time machine of overdrive characteristics.
  • Electronically balanced ultra-high bandwidth Mic input with +20dB to +70dB gain control
  • Hi-Z and Pad Switches on Mic Amp Input
  • Dedicated Additional XLR Line Input
  • Variable Harmonic Drive circuit adds a controllable blend of 2nd or 3rd Harmonic distortion
  • Dedicated Trim control after the VHD stage
  • Classic Listen Mic Compressor with fixed attack and release curvesÂ... ideal for drums
  • High and Low-Pass Filters
  • Specifications
    Physical: *
    Depth : 200mm / 7.9 inches : including front panel knobs, excluding connectors
    275mm / 10.9 inches : including front panel knobs and connectors
    Height : 171mm / 6.75 inches
    Width : 35mm / 1.4 inches : front/rear panels
    49mm / 1.9 inches : overall width (front and rear panels are offset)
    Weight : 260g / 9.5 ounces
    Boxed size : 190mm x 290mm x 70mm / 7.5" x 11.5" x 2.5"
    Boxed weight : 460g / 16.5 ounces

    * All values are approximate

    EQ Filters:
    Frequency range : Slope
    HF (Low Pass): : 20kHz - 3kHz (-3dB point) : 12dB/Octave
    LF (High Pass): : 15Hz - 350Hz (-3dB point) : 18dB/Octave
    Performance Specification*

    Microphone Amplifier Performance:
    Gain : Continously variable from +20dB to +70dB
    Independently switchable 20dB Pad available
    Input Impedance : Continously variable from 1k2 to 10k
    Output Headroom : > +26dBu at onset of clipping
    THD + Noise : (-18dBu applied, +28dB gain) : < 0.2% (20Hz - 20kHz)
    With VHD, adjustable between : < 0.2% and 5% (1kHz - 20kHz)
    Frequency Response : 20Hz to 20kHz : +0.3dB
    50kHz : -3dB
    150kHz : -3dB
    Equivalent Input Noise : (input terminated with 150) : < -126dB at maximum gain
    < -80dB at minimum gain (with Pad 'IN')
    Common Mode Rejection : (-10dBu applied, +30dB gain) : > 75dB from 50Hz to 1kHz
    > 65dB at 10kHz

    Line Input Performance:
    Gain : Continously variable from -24dB to +24dB
    Input Impedance : 10K
    THD + Noise : (-24dBu applied, +0dB gain) : < 0.05% from 20Hz to 20kHz
    -3dB at 50kHz
    Frequency Response : 20Hz to 20kHz : +0.1dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
    50kHz : -3dB
    Equivalent Input Noise : (Input terminated with 150) : -90dB

    * See User Manual for measurement conditions & references
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    Additional information
    For more information about the XLogic X-Rack VHD Mic Pre Module, please visit the website of Solid State Logic
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