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Sound Momentum Absorbant Acoustique Foam - Bass Boost (Pair)
Designed to be used with floor standing speaker, our acoustic filter will effectively remove certain frequency that would otherwise create some problem. They will increase the dynamic potential, the detail and the focus of the bass, the middle and the high frequency. They come in two acoustic " flavour "; one is more neutral and true to the original sound signature of the speaker. The other will add a little more bass and midrange while slightly reducing the high frequency.
One is more precise and allow to be more analytic, while the other is more " fun" to listen to because it will make your speaker sound like a bigger more powerful version of itself. If you already like the sound of your speaker, you should choose the more neutral model. If your speaker sounds a little too bright or would benefit from adding some bass frequency, choose the other one.
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For more information about the Absorbant Acoustique Foam - Bass Boost, please visit the website of Sound Momentum
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