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TC Electronic M2000

The TC Electronic M2000 provides you with a broad palette of high quality effects enabling you to create magical effects.

The true dual engine configuration allows you to run two full-blown effects simultaneously, i.e. on two individual effects sends. The effects have been developed for optimal sonic quality with no compromises made. This has only been possible because our engineers succeeded in combining the latest technology with TC's powerful DARC™ chip.

Ultimate User-Interface
The user-friendly TC feature, the Recall Wizard, instantly finds the preset that suits your need in any situation. You simply enter your preferences, such as gentle reverb for vocal, or extra pitch for guitar and the Wizard serves you a short list of presets ready to compare and use.

Uncompromising Effects
The M2000 gives you access to a stunning array of Reverb, Pitch-shifting, Delays, Chorus, Dynamics etc. Among the included reverbs you'll find the unique Co-efficient Optimized Room Emulator or C.O.R.E. Reverb™ based upon TC's famous reverberation Technology.

Another unique feature in the M2000 is the Dynamic Morphing. This function enables you to apply e.g. Chorus to a vocal at low volume levels, while the same effect is being morphed into flanging at high levels giving the signal a totally new dynamic dimension.

The Sensation
The M2000 is fully prepared for the digital age with Digital I/O connectors, S/PDIF and the professional format AES/EBU. However, specifications never tell the whole story. What really matters is how your final mix sounds. This is where TC's long experience and know-how in high-end studio signal processing becomes important.
  • 250 factory presets, including Delay, Reverb, Ambience, Pitch, Dynamics, EQ + more.
  • True stereo Twin Engine processing with six different routings available.
  • Dynamic Morphing™ and Patch Glide with adjustable glide times.
  • 24bit Analog Conversion (105dB Dynamic Range A to D): 10Hz-20Khz bandwidth
  • AES/EBU (24bit) and SPDIF (24bit) digital I/O. + 16bit dithering tool for DAT output.
  • Wizard Help menus assist user in preset choices on an easy to read scrolling bit-mapped display.
  • Tap tempo and MIDI tempo Delay presets. Tap tempo button and footswitch jack.
  • Both 128 user and 128 Combi-user presets + 4 snapshot memories.
  • Universal auto-switching power supply (100-240V.)
  • Specifications
    Digital Inputs and Outputs
    Connectors: XLR (AES/EBU) RCA Phono (S/PDIF)
    Formats: AES/EBU (24 bit), S/PDIF (24 bit), EIAJ CP-340, IEC 958
    Output Dither: HPF TPDF dither 8-24 bit
    Sample Rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
    Processing Delay: 0.2 ms @ 48 kHz
    Frequency Response DIO: 20 Hz to 23,9 kHz +0,01/-0,1 dB @ 48 kHz

    Analog Inputs
    Connectors: XLR balanced (pin 2 hot)
    Impedance: 20 Kohm
    Max. Input Level: +22 dBu (balanced)
    Min. input Level: 20 kohm
    Sensitivity: @ 12 dB headroom: -22dBu - 10 dBu
    A to D Conversion: 24 bit (4 bit, 64 times oversampling)
    A to D Delay: @ 12 dB headroom: -22 dBu to +10 dBu
    Dynamic Range: >103 dB (unweighted), >106 dB (A)
    THD: -95 dB (0,0018 %) @ 1kHz, -6 dBFS (FS @ +16 dBu)
    Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 20 KHz: +0, - 0.2 dB
    Crosstalk: <-80 dB, 10 Hz to 20 kHz typical -100 dB @ 1 kHz

    Analog Outputs
    Connectors: XLR balanced (pin 2 hot)
    Impedance: 100 Ohm (active transformer)
    Max Output Level: +22 dBu
    Full scale Output Range: -10 dBu to +22 dBu
    D to A Conversion: 24 bit (4 bit 64 times oversampling)
    D to a Delay: 0.57 ms @ 48 kHz
    Dynamic Range: >100 dB (unweighted), >104 dB(A)
    THD: -86 dB (0.005%) @ 1 kHz, -6 dBFS, FS@ +16 dBu
    Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 20 KHz: +0, - 0.5 dB
    Crosstalk: -60 dB max, 10 Hz - 20 KHz typical -90 dB @ 1 kHz

    Complies with: EN 55103-1 and EN 55103-2 FCC part 15, Class BCISPR 22, Class B

    Certified to: IEC 65, EN 60065, UL 1419 and CSA E65

    Operating Temperature: 0° C to 50° C (32° F to 122° F)
    Storage Temperature: -30° C to 70° C (-22° F to 167° F)
    Humidity: Max. 90% non-condensing

    PCMCIA Interface
    Connectors: PC Card, 68 pin type 1 cards
    Standards: PCMCIA 2.0, JEIDA 4.0
    Card Format: Supports up to 2 MB SRAM

    Control Interface
    Pedal: 1/4" phone jack, 0 ohm to 50 kohm
    MIDI: In/Out/Thru : 5 Pin DIN:

    Finish: Black anodized aluminum front
    LCD: 56 x 128 dot graphic LCD-display
    Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 208 mm (19" x 1.75" x 8.2")
    Weight: 2.35 kg (5.2 lb.)
    Mains Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (auto-select)
    Power Consumption: <20 W
    Backup Battery Life: >10 years
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    Additional information
    For more information about the M2000, please visit the website of TC Electronic
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