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Sorry, the product Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture M+ is not available anymore on Studio Economik's website.

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This version of the Culture Vulture Mastering was introduced in 2011, designed to give the user an accurate "mastering" version of the Culture Vulture and more effect options.

The chassis was enlarged and the power supply improved at the end of 2014, giving negligible noise at most settings.

The unit is accurately aligned for stereo or single channel operation. All valves are "military" specification, NOS, made in France and USA and have low noise plus extended life.

With mastering in mind, this version of the Culture Vulture retains all of the qualities of the earlier design, and has closely matched controls and valves. A test report is supplied with each one, which gives the optimum current (usually 0.25 mA) which the Bias controls should be set to for minimum distortion.

The text below refers to one channel (the other the same). The "Function" control now has 4 settings:
  • T triode type 2nd harmonic distortion
  • P1 pentode type, 3rd harmonics
  • P2 new setting, as P1 up to a peak, then over-compresses with distortion effects
  • P3 the original P2 setting ("no holds barred")

  • The Drive control consists of an indented pot for fine control and a switch which increases the input gain in 2x 10 dB steps to "Overdrive". The Output Level control also has an indented pot for fine control and a -10 dB switchable attenuator.

    Sowter transformers are used to balance line input and output. There is an Unbalanced Line Output as well for those who prefer the more 'Open' Sound. The DI input is high impedance, high gain for instrument use.

    The bypass switch ignores the DI input and connects any signal coming to the line input jack to the line output jack, bypassing the electronics for comparison purposes.
  • Even Lower noise + long life valves.
  • Accurate side to side matching.
  • Frequency response extended.
  • Indented controls for easier recall.
  • Function switch has extra distortion type position.
  • Overdrive switch has extra mid-way position.
  • Output attenuator switch for better control of strong signals.
  • Balanced line inputs and outputs on stereo jacks.
  • Unbalanced Output also provided.
  • High Impedance DI Input
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