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The AEA RPQ500 preamp and EQ provides high-quality, high-gain, low-noise preamplification with a rich and musical sound that complements the natural tonality of your microphones.

The AEA RPQ500 Ribbon Preamp and EQ provides one channel of high-output, high-impedance, and low-noise gain with a rich and natural sound that brings out the full potential of your microphones.

Specifically designed for ribbon microphones, the RPQ500 excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound that ribbons are uniquely known for.

The RPQ500 is a powerhouse that provides unparalleled high gain with low-noise. With 81db of JFET output, the RPQ500 gives you enough juice to record soft sources without ever having to worry about noise.

With the RPQ500, you will never consider a source too quiet to record with a ribbon mic ever again. Passive ribbons with low output levels require preamps that supply a high level of output. If the preamp you use doesn't have enough clean gain, the mic signal may seem too soft or noisy which may be apparent when recording quiet acoustic guitars or strings, especially at a distance or with long cable runs. The RPQ500 eliminates this concern.

The RPQ500's CurveShaper? EQ is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to control your ribbons right at the start of the signal path. Adjustable low and high-frequency controls allow you to tame proximity problems and provide high-frequency extension with slope control.

The high-frequency filter boost enables you to add presence and air to your source -perfect for sources like ribbons and 2-busses that often benefit from some extra top-end. The low-frequency control easily removes bass build-up in a fast and unobtrusive way.

The sound and tonality of dynamic microphones like ribbons and moving-coils are directly affected by the impedance of a preamp. The higher the impedance, the better the sound. The RPQ500 boasts an extra high input impedance of 10K Ohms.

Preamps with an impedance of under 10k ohms will limit the lows, highs, and transients of your passive microphones. The RPQ500's high impedance will reveal your microphone's true nature- a thick low-end, open top-end, and articulate transient response that you will need to hear to believe.

Both condensers and active microphones will also benefit from the RPQ500's impedance.

Passive microphones, coupled with AEA's range of ribbon-specific preamps, are the key choice for discerning recordists who want total control over their signal path.

AEA offers the RPQ2, RPQ500 and TRP2 microphone preamps, all of which provide unmatched clean levels of gain, and a high impedance. All AEA Ribbon Preamps all share the same topology and sound. The differences between each unit come down to extra features and form factor.
  • One channel with 81dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain
  • High-frequency CurveShaper? EQ and low frequency proximity control
  • Mic and line inputs for mixdown EQ versatility
  • Switchable phantom power, polarity, line/mic
  • NoLoad? 10k Ohm high-impedance circuitry providing better overall transients, frequency response, and higher output sensitivity
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Gain at 1kHz</B> 81dB of gain at 1kHz, balanced-in to balanced-out in Microphone Input mode
  • Noise figure, rms A-weighted</B> <2dB
  • Noise figure, rms unweighted</B> <3dB, 20 kHz LPF bandwidth
  • EIN</B> <-130 dBu A-weighted, 150 Ohm resistive source
  • Frequency Response</B> -3dB <1Hz and >100 kHz
  • THD</B> <0.02% at 1 kHz
  • Input Impedance</B> 63K Ohms
  • Input Impedance (P48 Engaged)</B> 10K Ohms
  • Line Input Impedance</B> 18K Ohms
  • Hi-Z Input Impedance</B> >5M Ohms
  • Mic Gain Control</B> Twelve-position switch provides from +13dB to +62dB of gain for the preamplifier circuit, as measured between the input and the before the output line driver.
  • Switched LF Shelving filter</B> -3dB break-frequency tunable from 22 Hz to 515 Hz; maximum reduction -20dB.
  • Switched CurveShaper? EQ</B> +3dB break-frequency tunable from 2.5 kHz to 30 kHz; HF gain adjustable from +0dB to +20dB; the slope of the HF filter varies interactively and directly with the CurveShaper? frequency and gain settings.
  • XLR output maximum level into 600 load</B> +28 dBu, balanced; 0 dBu = 0.7746 V rms
  • XLR connectors polarity</B> Pin-1 is ground, pin-2 is high, pin-3 is low.
  • LED signal level indicators</B> The green LED snaps on at -20 dBu to indicate the presence of signal; the yellow LED snaps on at 0 dBu; the red LED snaps on at +24 dBu to warn of approaching signal overload.
  • Dimensions</B> 1U, Full-rack measured with knobs and switches</B> 19" w, 9" d, 1.75" h (48.5 cm x 23 cm x 4.45 cm)
  • Weight</B> 4lb 5oz (~2 kg)
  • 5.0
    Steve Goldberger
    Niagara on the Lake Ontario
    December 22, 2023
    Great sounding pre & eq
    I recently added a new one to go with my two other older models. They are a perfect pre for my AEA ribbon mics and any other mic that needs extra headroom.
    Matt Steohanson
    March 6, 2016
    Perfect pair for ribbons
    I run AEA's R-88 through these and love the low noise floor and amazing detail I can dial in with the HF EQ knob. These are set up perfectly for ribbons and in the 500 format, they are always with me. I use them at shows with huge cable runs with zero issues and always pristine sound. Read more
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