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The entire Studio Economik's website is now priced in Canadian Dollars only.
Fête du Canada
Veuillez noter que Studio Economik sera fermé vendredi le 1er juillet, samedi le 2 juillet et dimanche le 3 juin 2016 pour la fête du Canada.
Canada Day
Please note that Studio Economik will be closed Friday July 1st, Saturday July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd, 2016 for Canada Day.


Condensors, Dynamics, Ribbons and Wireless

Mic Preamps

Tube, Multichannel, 500 Series and more


EQs, Compressors, Effects and 500 Series

Recording Hardware

Interfaces, Converters and Recorders

Software & Plug-ins

DAWs, Plug-ins, Virtual Instruements and more

Mixing Boards

Analog and Digital Mixers, Controllers


Monitors, Amplifiers, Headphones and more

High Fidelity

Speakers, 2 Ch. DAC, Amplifiers

Live Sound

Speakers, Power Amps, Subwoofers and more

Stands & Accessories

Microphone Stands, Pop Filters, Stereo Bars

Cables & Accessories

XLR, 1/4", Snakes, Patchbays, DIs, Connectors

Studio Furnitures

Desks, Racks, Cases, Acoustic
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