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Universal Audio Apollo A16
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
High Resolution Interface with Realtime UAD Processing. Apollo 16 is Universal Audio's flagship 24-bit / 192 kHz audio interface, delivering world-class conversion with 16 x 16 analog I/O - twice the analog connectivity of the original Apollo model. This uncompromising FireWire/Thunderbolt-ready* interface combines superior sound with... View more
Universal Audio Apollo Interface w/ DUO Core Processing
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
High-resolution audio interface with real-time UAD processing - DUO Core. Meet Apollo. The High-Resolution Audio Interface with Classic Analog Sound.. Apollo is the first professional, high-resolution computer audio interface that delivers the sound, feel, and flow of analog recording. This 18 x 24 FireWire/Thunderbolt- ready interface combines... View more
SPL Phonitor 2
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
Your Excellency, Phonitor II. We are uber-happy to introduce the successor of our legendary Phonitor headphone preamp. We have kept all proven features while incorporating some major improvements - as such, the new Phonitor can be used as the ultimate monitor controller and preamp for three different sources. Likewise, we revised the 120-Volt... View more
AMS Neve 8816 Summing Mixer
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The AMS Neve 8816 allows engineers and producers to mix their music on a true, albeit diminutive, Neve summing mixer. Neve provides the warmth, punch and definition. The Sound of Neve Mixing is Within Reach. The sound of Neve has been the audio recording benchmark for generations of leading engineers, musicians and producers. Wherever sound... View more
Neumann TLM 49
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound which is especially optimized for vocal performance. It is supplied as a set, with an elastic suspension.. The design is inspired by that of the legendary M 49 and M 50 microphones of the 1950s. Naturally the TLM 49 has the typical Neumann... View more
Manley Labs Core
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
Manley Labs today announced the CORE, an analog channel strip. The Manley CORE is an innovative and affordable mic preamplifier, compressor, equalizer, and limiter combo-unit that combines the greatest hits of the Manley product line with fresh technology.. The intuitive design incorporates musical and forgiving circuitry that allows the user to... View more
Sennheiser MD 421 U 4
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The MD421 II continues the tradition of the MD 421 which has been one of Sennheiser's most popular dynamic mics for over 35 years. The large diaphragm, dynamic element handles high sound pressure levels, making it a natural for recording guitars and drums. The MD 421's full-bodied cardioid pattern, and five-position bass control make it... View more
Latch Lake MicKing 3300 - Chrome
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The Patent Pending Latch Lake micKing mic stand and accessories are the first truly original mic stand designs in over 50 years. From the 29 pound Perimeter Mass Distributed ductile iron base to the world's strongest boom clutch, everything about this stand is original.. And with a three section mast, and a three section boom, the micKing... View more
Gefell M930
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
Studio Condenser Microphone Cardioid. The M 930, M 940, M 950 studio condenser microphones combine modern large diaphragm capsule technology with the latest in semiconductor circuit topology. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of professional and semi-professional users who demand the highest performance. The microphones are ideally... View more
Neumann KM 184 Stereo Set
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The "Series 180" consists of three compact miniature microphones with patterns that satisfy the demands of all common studio applications.. Because of its optimized mechanical construction and conscious omission of modularity, which is unnecessary in many cases, the "Series 180" is predestined for economy-minded production and... View more
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OPEN BOX SOLD AT $999 Canadian
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
A legend since 1971 the most versatile microphone for vocals and instruments in studio and on stage. AKG C414 XLS multipattern condenser microphone its the perfect sonic capture. The C414 XLS multipattern condenser microphone offers a choice of nine polar patterns for the perfect sonic capture for every application. A peak hold LED displays even... View more
AMS Neve 2264ALB
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The AMS Neve 2264ALB 500-series, retains the original 2264A's unique sonic characteristics by using the same architecture, matching components and original hand-wound transformers. Originally designed in 1974, the Neve 2264A mono Limiter/Compressor unit quickly became a legend. Delivering similar facilities and performance as the earlier 2254... View more
A-Designs Pacifica
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
A-Designs Pacifica takes its sonic signature and name from the revered Quad Eight mixing console. The Pacifica has a unique sound and character of its own. The 1970s was a time of great change in pro audio. The introduction of solid-state electronics led to an explosion in development and a very different sound than the tube gear of previous... View more
Neumann KH 120 A
Open box available for $679 CAD
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The KH 120 an active studio monitor designed for use as a near-field loudspeaker or as a rear loudspeaker in larger multi-channel systems,. The KH 120 A represents the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible. It has a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion... View more
Used unit
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
All-in-One Professional Preamp, I/O, and Monitoring Pro Tools HD Series Interface. Capture pristine, high-resolution audio through premium mic preamps and monitor your sessions in up to 7.1 surround with the all-in-one HD OMNI interface. Designed to completely integrate with Pro Tools|HD, HD OMNI is an ideal choice for individual musicians,... View more
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Telefunken AK-47mkII
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik microphones are known for their beautifully detailed acoustic reproduction. As they're made in a 'no holds barred' manner, that also makes them rather expensive for the average small studio or home enthusiast. With this in mind, the R-F-T series of microphones was created.. The R-F-T line of tube condenser... View more
Bock Audio 507
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
Tube Condenser Microphone. The Bock 5-ZERO-7 is a new approach in high end microphone design for it combines new and old: a brand new unique and patent pending elliptical capsule married to a vintage inspired mic amplifier and power supply. Designed to be the ultimate in studio vocal microphones, the 5-ZERO-7 compares favorably to the best vocal... View more
Prism Sound Orpheus
Special ending the 16 October 2015
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The Prism Sound Orpheus is a FireWire multi-track audio interface for personal recording and sound production, for professional musicians, songwriters, engineers and producers as well as recording studios, post production facilities and scoring stages. Orpheus is ideal for music and sound recording, multitracking, overdubbing, stem-based... View more
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Phoenix Audio DRS-8 mk2
OPEN BOX at $2995 USD
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The Phoenix Audio DRS-8is a 8 Channel Class A Microphone pre-amplifier. Phoenix Audio (UK) is dedicated to the development of Class A discrete technology used within high build-quality equipment designed for both the professional and the home studio environment.. The DRS-8 Mic-Pre uses our well proven and loved Class A output stage (DSOP-2), but... View more
Avantone BV-12
Demo available for $745 USD
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The AVANTONE BV-12 is truly a gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. Any studio can proudly offer the BV-12 as a primary vocal mic results with a warm, pleasing sonic character. The AVANTONE "Buttercream (B-series)" mics from Avantone Pro are our premium products designed to offer true professional performance. They will meet or... View more
Lavry Engineering DA10
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
Lavry Engineering introduces DA10, a new stand alone stereo digital to analog converter. The half rack unit can receive AES or SPDIF digital audio on XLR, RCA and optical link.. The DA provides three Clock modes. The preferred modes are Crystal Mode and Narrow Lock Mode, but the unit also offers a Wide Lock Mode based on an internal Sample rate... View more
Sony MDR-7506
Limited Quantity
More and more audio professionals are discovering the great advantages of the MDR Series of headphones! The MDR Series are state-of-the-art headphones at a price that makes them accessible to every studio owner, musician, DJ, and sound technician, no matter what the size of the budget. All the headphones in the MDR Series include a stereo Unimatch... View more
Purple Audio MC77
OPEN BOX at $1545 USD
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The MC77 supercedes the MC76 re-engineered 1176 type FET Limiter. The MC77 recreates the audio circuitry of the revision E 1176, using modern components matched to the original.. One significant component is the input attenuator. The input attenuator that was custom made for the original revisions A-F 1176 and for the Purple MC76 by Clarostat was... View more
Universal Audio 1176LN
Demo Deal at $2295 CAD.
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The original Universal Audio 1176LN designed by Bill Putnam was a major breakthrough in limiter technology the first true peak limiter with all transistor circuitry offering superior performance and a signature sound. Evolved from the popular Universal Audio 175 and 176 vacuum tube limiters, the 1176LN retained the proven qualities of these... View more
Dynaudio BM 5A MKII
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
The Dynaudio BM 5A MKII imparts all of the quality and power that you've come to expect from Dynaudio Acoustics but they have been re-engineered to take nearfield monitoring to new levels of performance. New features include our handmade drivers that offer the best in quality and accuracy. The woofer offers longer excursions so stays linear... View more

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