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A third-generation high-gain, high impedance, low-noise 500 series preamp

Based on the circuit and topology of the company's original AEA TRP preamp, the TRP500 has the low noise, musical sonics, and ultra-high gain and impedance (100,000 Ohms) that AEA is renowned for. The TRP500 excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound of ribbon mics as well as other top-level microphones. With up to 85 dB of quiet DC-coupled gain, minimal path architecture, and a gentle 115 Hz or 230 Hz high pass filter, this preamp puts as little as possible between you and your audience.

Like all AEA products, the TRP500 is 100 percent handcrafted in Pasadena, California from locally sourced parts. AEA is a family-owned company with a small crew of skilled technicians, many of whom are musicians themselves.

The ultra-high gain DC-coupled JFET circuit has two input impedances: 11,900 Ohms with phantom power "ON" and 100,000 Ohms with phantom power "OFF." The 100,000 Ohm mode brings out the best in passive ribbons and tube mics, and also provides a unique balanced input for vintage, high-impedance dynamic mics. This versatility ensures the highest sensitivity, bandwidth, transient response, and clarity possible for a wide variety of microphones.

Passive microphones, coupled with AEA's range of ribbon-specific preamps, are the key choice for discerning recordists who want total control over their signal path.

AEA offers the RPQ2, RPQ500 and TRP2 microphone preamps, all of which provide unmatched clean levels of gain, and a high impedance. All AEA Ribbon Preamps all share the same topology and sound. The differences between each unit come down to extra features and form factor.
  • Single-channel, 500 series format
  • 85dB of quiet, DC-coupled JFET gain
  • Ultra-high impedance (100,000 Ohms)
  • Switchable 115 Hz or 230 Hz high-pass filter
  • Switchable phantom power and polarity reverse
  • Max Gain at 1kHz: EIN (Max gain): 85 dB of gain, balanced-in to balanced-out
    EIN (Max gain): < "128 dBu (22 Hz to 22 KHz, unweighted, 40 Ohm source), typically -130 dBu
    DC Current Draw: from +16/-16V Rails: 130 mA
    Frequency Response: 30 dB gain: (+0/-0.6 dB from <10 Hz to 200kHz), 85 dB gain: (+0/-1 dB <20 Hz to >100kHz), (+0/-2.5 dB <10 Hz to 200kHz)
    THD+N: 0.0017% (1kHz, 22Hz-22kHz @30 dB Gain +4 dBu output)
    XLR Output Max Level: +28.5 dBu into 600? load (before 1% THD)
    Input Impedance: 11.9k? (with Phantom), 100k? (no Phantom)
    Output Impedance: 50?
    Max Input Signal Level: 21.5 dBu at minimum gain (before 1% THD)
    Mic Gain Control: 12-position switch provides from +7dB to +65dB of gain for the preamplifier circuit, as measured between the input and output when the OUTPUT control is set fully counterclockwise (0 dB)

    Mic Output Trim: Output potentiometer provides from 0 dB (unity gain) to +20 dB of gain
    High Pass Filter Frequencies: 3-position on-off-on switch provides switchable first order passive high pass filter (-6 dB per octave) with cutoff frequencies (-3 dB) at 115 Hz and 230 Hz
    XLR Connector Polarity: Pin-1 is ground, pin-2 is high, pin-3 is low
    LED Signal Level Indicators: The green LED snaps on at -20 dBu to indicate
    the presence of signal; the yellow LED snaps on at 0 dBu; the red LED snaps on at +20 dBu to warn of approaching signal overload, which is 8 dB prior to clipping
    Front Panel: 0.125" (0.32 cm) anodized aluminum
    Width: 1.5" (3.81 cm)
    Depth: 6.8" (17.27 cm)
    Height: 5.2" (13.21 cm)
    Weight: 10.1oz (~0.29 kg)
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