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70's style, Class A, dual transformer, stereo compressor with switched controls, multiple frequency selections for the sidechain HPF and ratio range better suited for mastering

  • American Jensen transformers for a clean uncolored sound
  • British made Sowter transformers for extra rich musical harmonics
  • 5 position step rotary switch on Attack, Release and Ratio
  • Continuously variable adjustment on Threshold and Output gain
  • Analog VU meter is switchable for: input and output plus gain reduction
  • All front panel controls pots and switches are extremely high grade quality
  • Nearly identical to the Liminator 2 with added switched controls, multiple frequency selections for the sidechain bass cut and different ratio range more suited to mastering
  • Vintage David Miller design
  • 70's Class A electronics
  • Completely hand-assembled
  • Distortion-free Opto attenuator compressor system
  • Switchable input transformers - 2 modes
  • 0 - 20 dB gain reduction
  • Maximum output level of 32 dBu
  • Low THD + noise, less than .02%
  • Link switch (on both models) and a true relay bypass switch
  • Silver soldering on all connections
  • Circuit board made with 3 ounce copper
  • Transformer balanced XLR in and out connections
  • +4 / +14 dBu meter level switch (on stereo version only)
  • Switchable 115/230 VAC operation
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