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Stedman Proscreen PS101
Stedman Proscreen PS101
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A reference-quality microphone especially used for accurate, beautifully-detailed pickup of any acoustic instrument.

With the introduction of the NeXt Generation C 414 B-XL models, AKG sets new benchmarks for useful features, improved technical specifications, ease of use and available accessories. All of these improvements are answers to requests from ever-demanding recording studios, broadcast stations and concert engineers, but with the basic sonic character of the legendary C 414 unaltered.

  • High sensitivity and extremely low self noise
  • Five switchable polar patterns for placement and application flexibility
  • Two-color LEDs provide quick visual indication of selected polar pattern and output overload
  • Elastic capsule suspension greatly minimizes structurally-transmitted noise from chassis vibration
  • H 85 professional shock mount/stand adapter, PF 80 external pop filter and W 414 X external windscreen.

  • Additional features:

  • High sound pressure level capability and wide dynamic range

  • Completely immune to electrostatic and electromagnetic interference from digital gear, computer monitors, etc. thanks to solid metal housing and transformerless output stage

  • Three switchable bass cut filters and three pre-attenuation pads with LEDs for quick visual indication

  • All switchable components operate in low impedance circuits for ultra-high reliability even in extremely humid conditions

  • Optional R 414 remote control unit (under development) offers full control of all switchable parameters via standard microphone cable and 3-pin XLR-type connectors

  • Type 1-inch large-diaphragm pressure gradient microphone
    Polar pattern Omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure eight
    Frequency range 20 to 20,000 Hz (see frequency response traces)
    Sensitivity 23 mV/Pa (-33 dBV) ± 0.5 dB
    Max. SPL 200/400/800/1600 Pa = 140/146/152/158 dB SPL (0/-6/-12/-18 dB) (for 0.5% THD)
    Equivalent noise level (CCIR 468-2) 20 dB (0 dB preattenuation)
    Equivalent noise level 6 dB-A (0 dB preattenuation) (DIN 45 412, A-weighted)
    Signal/noise ratio 88 dB
    Preattenuation pad -6 dB, -12 dB, -18 dB, switchable
    Bass cut filter slope 12 dB/octave at 40 Hz and 80 Hz; 6 dB/octave at 160 Hz

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