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AKG Drumset Concert 1


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The set contains: 1 x D112MKII bass drum microphone, 2 x C430 for overheads, and 4 x D40 for toms and snare

The Drum Set Concert I professional drum microphone set provides a complete collection of mics designed to withstand even the toughest stage environments. Seven microphones and accessories come packed into a durable aluminum carrying case, so you have everything you need to capture a complete drum kit, or mic bass and guitar amps, percussion, woodwinds and other instruments. The collection features the latest version of the legendary D112 MKII bass drum mic, the compact C430 overhead mic and the popular D40 drum microphone. Each features high maximum SPL handling and rugged metal casing to ensure great sound, night after night.

D112 MK II
The heart of the Drum Set Concert 1 is the D112 MKII bass drum microphone. This mic is the industry standard for miking a bass drum. With 160 dB max SPL handling and a bass resonance volume chamber, the D112 MKII will pick up the full sound of your bass drum with tremendous accuracy, clarity and punch.

4 X D40
For toms and snare, there are 4 D40 microphones. The D40 is a full range, high SPL microphone that uses the same Varimotion dual thickness membrane technology as our legendary D5 and D7 mics. This ensures that the frequency response is accurate for his, lows and mids, translating your sound to the mix faithfully without the need for additional EQing.

2 X C430
The C430 is a cardioid condenser microphone that picks up individual timbres with exceptional clarity and detail. For overhead uses and cymbals, they will accurately reflect the full timbre of the sound.
D112 MKII bass drum mic. 4 x D40 for toms and drums, 2 x C430 overhead mics, 4 adapter plates, aluminium road case.
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