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Albatros Audio PH9X2C
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Reference quality IEM headphone amplifier with stereo PROGRAM XLR input and 4 auxiliary inputs, low noise, low distorsion, a lot of headroom with extra dynamics and powerful, cristal clear sound

The best choice for IEM (In-Ear Monitor). Same performances as the PH9B, with mixing possibilities of 4 more sources, for a total of 6.

The PH9X2C was designed for drummers or stationary musicians who would like to manage their own listening ex.: Click track, drum sequences, band leader talk back....

With its low noise and low distortion, the PH9X2C will give more pleasure and less hearing fatigue to the musicians who's using IEM for a long period of time during performances, sometimes 2-3 hours.
Easy installation along with the musician's exsisting gear.

Great for a tour set up. Great for Pro-Tools / Play back Engineer
  • RACK MOUNT 1 SPACE aluminum enclosure
  • Stereo PROGRAM XLR input, electronic balanced with RF filter
  • Pin 1 LIFT on every XLR input/output
  • Optional: 4 Mono Volume controls with Pan-Pot
  • 4 Auxiliary input electronicly balanced XLR:
  • AUX 1-2: XLR 2 Mono Volume controls with Pan-Pot
  • AUX 3-4: XLR 1 Stereo control
  • Line Out : TRS Mix down of the 6 input: feeding External Powered Speakers, or WL transmitter.
  • Universal switching power supply (input voltage: 85-240VAC at 47-67Hz.)
  • IEC AC input module with EMI filter and fuse
  • Headphones connectors : 1x 1/4'' and 1x 1/8''
  • Master Volume and Balance-Trim control
  • Signal Monitor: 10 LED stereo Bargraph VU meter.
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