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The Algorithmix NoiseFree is a DirectX/VST Plug-In that effectively removes broadband noise while still excellently preserving the audio quality of the original signal.

NoiseFree automatically removes or reduces any kind of constant background noise like hiss, surface noise, hum, air-conditioning equipment or camera sound.
Due to the Algorithmix proprietary, psycho-acoustically optimized noise reduction algorithm, NoiseFree efficaciously preserves timbre, ambience, and low-level details of the original signal, as well as highly reduces the appearance of artifacts.
On one hand, it can be used for high-resolution re-mastering tasks. On the other hand, it is a real weapon in cleaning up critical speech recordings for forensic purposes.
One very common problem in the daily business of an audio engineer is the struggle against a noisy signal. The standard methods of noise extraction by means of filters do not work if spectral components of noise overlap the desired signal. In such situations, the only solution is to use sophisticated signal processing algorithms to suppress unwanted noise in a much more intelligent way.

The NoiseFree DirectX/VST PlugIn effectively removes broadband noise from pre-recorded audio material. It has been designed to perfectly cover a wide range of applications: from the high-quality de-noising of valuable music treasures, to cleaning location recordings for film from environmental noise, even the treatment of critical forensic material recorded at a very poor signal-to-noise ratio and/or in reverberate environment.

Typical tasks for NoiseFree include removal of tape-hiss, surface noise of old records and optical soundtracks, broadcastwax cylinders, broadcast noise, microphone and preamp noise, as well as enhancement of conversations and interviews that lack intelligibility.

Unlike other systems, the NoiseFree DirectX/VST PlugIn works virtually without artifacts when using the correct settings for all parameters.

The de-noising process can work based on either the built-in white noise profile or a recorded noise profile. The unique Learn algorithm allows recording a noise sample from virtually any part of the audio material, even if there is no noise-only portion available. A sophisticated 5-band Noise Profile EQ is provided for modifying the shape of noise profiles and smoothing them for optimal performance.

Using only two sliders and a few presets you can get respectable results within minutes. The signal scope helps to properly adjust the Threshold. The unique Differ function allows monitoring of the signal part being removed in the de-noising process, which helps optimize the setup.

The advanced parameters Ambience, Recovery and Decorrelation allow fine tuning NoiseFree to differentiate between real noise and sharp signal transients. The Chase function, mainly designed for speech de-noising, automatically detects any fluctuations in the background noise and adaptively adjusts the noise profile according to these changes.

NoiseFree works impeccably with sampling rates up to 384 kHz. Thus it is perfectly suitable for high-resolution DSD post-processing. Since the CPU requirement for the NoiseFree DirectX/VST PlugIn is quite low, you can change and optimize all parameters while listening to the audio material in real-time.

DirectX/VST Plug-In that effectively removes clicks, crackles and any other transient noises with virtually no artifacts and no degradation of the original signal

Clicks and crackles are inseparable companions of old vinyl and shellac (78 rpm) records. Before re-mastering to CD they have to be removed and the remaining gaps have to be reconstructed properly.
The ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In copes with any kind of transient noises, perfectly preserving the audio quality of the original signal.
The ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In effectively removes clicks and crackles from old vinyl and shellac (78 rpm) records and cleans up audio recordings tainted by switching noise, static discharge, digital cross-talk, or thyristor buzz.

Unlike other systems, the ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In works virtually without artifacts when using correct settings for all parameters. It includes an excellent de-crackling algorithm preserving timbre, ambience, and low-level details in the original signal.

The de-scratching algorithm consists of two main parts: the de-clicking module and the de-crackling module. While the de-clicking module is used to remove severe clicks from old shellac and vinyl records or switching noise originating from cross-talk or improper setups of digital audio equipment, the de-crackling module removes any remaining small clicks and crackles.

ScratchFree is extremely easy to use. With only three sliders and a few preset buttons you can get respectable results within minutes.

The signal scope helps you to find ideal settings for the DeCrackler. The advanced parameters Width, Smooth, and DePlop are useful for minimizing the appearance of artifacts. The unique Differ feature allows intuitive parameter settings. You can switch between the output signal and the input/output difference, i.e., the part of input signal removed by the de-scratching algorithm. Normally, this differential signal should not contain any audible parts of the original audio material that you want to preserve.

ScratchFree provides pre-defined application profiles (Type). They preset the internal parameters and external advanced parameters to help you in typical restoration situations: digital spikes, shellac (78 rpm) or vinyl. In addition to its main application, the removal of clicks and crackles, the ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In effectively diminishes any kind of distortion caused by signal overload (Clipping).
Since the CPU requirement for ScratchFree is very low, you can adjust and optimize all parameters while listening to the audio in real-time.


Time-saving, high-resolution audio repair processor freeing problematic live recordings from unwanted tenacious audio disturbances

Absolutely unbelievable!
reNOVAtor helps when all other audio tools and editing tricks fail.
It can eliminate disturbing audio events while perfectly preserving the sound quality of your original material, because every spectral modification is executed in linear-phase domain.
This is a extremely time-saving tool for mastering or post-production engineers struggling with disturbing noises in live recorded music, interviews or film sound.
If squeaky chairs, coughs, performance noises, falling keys or ringing cell phones make your recording unacceptable, take reNOVAtor!

No way!
Imagine that during a music festival you recorded a unique live performance in a concert hall or church. After checking the recorded material in your studio before production and mastering you decide the recording was successful in general, except for a few annoying disturbances during some quiet passages: somebody's cough, a squeaky chair, the horn of a passing truck, a bell from the neighboring clock tower. In addition, despite the exceptional artistic interpretation there were a few significant errors: a loud scratch in the part of violin soloist and one too early tone in the brass section.

All this makes your recording unacceptable and, of course, the concert cannot be repeated. As an experienced tonemeister, you know very well that all traditional techniques and tricks fail when you try to remove the disturbances mentioned above. In these cases any kind of traditional equalization or sophisticated editing methods is usually time consuming and causes discontinuities or at least audible changes in level and timbre of the desired signal and ambience. You will say "no way" and close the project.

The lifesaver!
That was yesterday. Today, we at Algorithmix are proud to unveil the reNOVAtor, our unique solution. In such hopeless situations, reNOVAtor successfully rescues problematic live recordings from extraneous sounds and unwanted audio disturbances. You will be amazed by the high sound quality of the repaired section and how quickly it works.

How it works
reNOVAtor allows localization, identification and very precise removal of unwanted audio events without affecting the audio material you want to keep. The removed sound is replaced by a signal re-synthesized from the surrounding material. The reNOVAtor does not make deep gaps in your sound track when eradicating a disturbing sound event. Rather, it acts on an exactly tailored hole in the spectral representation of the processed signal that can be removed and replaced. The interpolation may even be restricted to certain gain ranges within the selected area, which is very useful if only certain components of the signal need to be treated (e.g. one specific harmonic). Functions for automatic detection of clicks and spikes, as well as identification of tones and harmonics are also provided.

Easy to handle
Working with the reNOVAtor is easy and intuitive. It loads and analyzes the requested part of audio material you've chosen and displays the result as a 3D spectrogram with time on the horizontal axis, frequency on the vertical axis and amplitude of the spectral components color-coded. The color assignment follows the order of the rainbow: red and yellow for low energy; green and blue for middle energy; and finally purple and white for high energy. After getting some experience, this 3D spectrogram representation allows a good feeling for localization and identification of sudden unwanted acoustical events. The spectral area of interest can be precisely marked with a resizable rectangular window. In addition, the whole PlugIn window is scalable and the spectrogram inside zoomable allowing sound repairing with surgical precision.

AlgoEdit - the editor for reNOVAtor stand-alone
reNOVAtor has been continuously supported by more and more DAWs. If your editing system does not include the reNOVAtor communication interface yet, we recommend using it with the provided practical stand-alone editor, AlgoEdit. This easy-to-use and reliable editor allows audio repair and enhancement with the reNOVAtor without the need of an external audio editing system. It also provides a unique, very useful function: it can create the difference between original input and processed output signal, i.e. exactly the part of the signal that has been removed. Taking advantage of this feature, allows you to optimize parameter setup and avoid touching the desired part of the audio material. It is also possible to replace any part of the over-processed audio material by the original signal without the necessity to go through all undo steps.
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