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The MixRack CDM48 is the heart of any dLive system. It houses the XCVI processing core complete with audio I/O, control and audio networking ports

It is typically connected to a dLive Surface, but can also be controlled at the same time as or even without a Surface using a laptop or iPad, Allen & Heath IP remotes or third party controllers via TCP/IP.

There are different sizes of dLive MixRack available. All feature the same mix engine and can work with the full 128 channels by adding DX expanders or digital sources.

The dLive C Class makes the full power and flexibility of dLive available in an accessible, compact format, making it ideal for corporate AV, houses of worship, regional rental companies and theatres.
  • 48 mic/line inputs, 24 line outputs
  • XCVI 160x64 FPGA core
  • - 96kHz sample rate
    - Variable bit-depth for ultimate precision and noise performance
    - Virtually infinite mix headroom thanks to 96bit accumulator
    - Class leading, ultra-low latency at 0.7ms
  • 128 Input Channels with full processing
  • 64 Mix Outputs with full processing
  • Configurable 64 bus architecture (group, FX, aux, matrix, mains)
  • - LR, LCR and up to 5.1 mains mode
    - Multiple PFLs
  • 16 RackExtra FX with dedicated stereo returns
  • 24 DCAs
  • Built-in signal generator and RTA
  • New preamp design for extra transparency
  • Unique Active PAD circuit for consistent performance with any source
  • Connection hub
  • - gigaACE gigabit link to Surface
    - 2x DX links for I/O expansion
    - I/O Port - 128 ch 96 kHz
    - Dedicated ME-1 48kHz port
    - 2x Network ports
    - Wordclock BNC I/O
  • Flush front panel with ultra quiet fan
  • Reversible rack ears design
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