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The DMCL (Dual Mic-amp Compressor/Limiter) is the first Pure Path signal processor to feature digital outputs, making it useful as a front end for any digital console or workstation.

The Pure Path DMCL comprises two identical closely matched microphone and line amplifiers. The 1U rack-mounting unit also incorporates high and low pass variable frequency filters, each with switchable slope values, dual high-resolution compressor-limiters, and simultaneous AES/EBU, S/PDIF and optical outputs. The sampling frequency is selectable to 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kHz with the sync source selectable from word clock or Pro Tools Superclock.

Legendary audio equipment designer, Mr. Rupert Neve, designs the Pure Path signal processing products for the company. AMEK's Pure Path range also includes the 'Channel in a Box' (CIB) and 'Driver in a Box' (DIB).

"The microphone amplifier makes use of my balanced instrument 'Transformer-Like Amplifier' techniques," comments Mr. Rupert Neve, "providing many of the advantages of a transformer without weight and cost penalties. In common with my previous designs for the 9098i super analogue console and the System 9098 range of outboard equipment, the DMCL features very low noise even at mid gain settings." Care has also been taken to exclude high order harmonics.


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