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16 main inputs plus additional mix buss, stereo cue and mono aux outputs, plus dual monitoring outputs, comprehensive insert options, built-in stereo width processing

Hand-built and hand-wired at the Neve factory in Burnley, England, the 8816 allows engineers and producers to mix their music on a true, albeit diminutive, Neve summing mixer. The unit provides 16 input channels with +15dB gain, level, pan, cut/solo and cue controls. Additionally, a post-insert mix function can be used for mixing in a separate stem, or blending the mix with a special effect.

With four monitor sources, two sets of speakers, independent monitor level control, talkback mic, cue send and headphone outs, the 8816 effectively upgrades a digital audio workstation to a professional mixing facility. And an onboard USB connector allows snapshots of the 8816 to be saved to a PC or Mac and recalled ready for remix.

But what about the sound Glad you asked. The 8816 uses the same transformer mixing topology as the classic 80 Series console, with two custom Marinair transformers on the stereo mix bus output, plus a unique 'Stereo Width' control as found in professional mastering studios. And what all this means is that the unit delivers the open, punchy mixes for which Neve consoles have long been renowned.

In the words of Hugh Robjohns at Sound on Sound magazine, 'The critical issue is what [the 8816] sounds like. The answer is simple: it sounds fabulous and sublime. Its huge headroom and the classic transformer mixing topology endow the mix with an effortlessly silky quality that just screams 'analogue' at the listener.'

For those requiring digital output, the 8816's analog-to-digital conversion option supports standard sample rates to 192kHz and direct conversion to DSD (Direct Stream Digital). This Neve-designed ADC has been compared quite favorably to dedicated professional A/D conversion units costing as much or more than the entire 8816 mixer. If sixteen inputs aren't enough for your mix, multiple 8816 units can be cascaded together via a dedicated 2-track bus. And the unit can be paired with the 8804 Fader Pack, which provides 18 long-throw faders for hands-on control.

But most importantly, it's the classic Neve sound that keeps producers coming back to the 8816. We invite users to read the many favorable reviews online, and then visit their local authorised AMS Neve reseller to have an in-person listen.
  • Hand-built, hand-wired 16-channel summing mixer for use in professional computer-based studios
  • Classic Neve analogue transformer mix bus topology
  • Instant Recall of settings stored on PC or Mac via USB
  • 16 input channels plus aux additional inputs
  • Cue, Level, Pan, Solo and Mute controls
  • Mix Insert points
  • Various solo and solo in place functions
  • Sum and difference insert with exclusive 'Stereo Width Control'
  • Separate Monitor and Cue levels
  • Main and Alt speaker outs
  • Onboard talkback mic w/talkback input to Cue
  • Units can be cascaded for multiple output
  • 2U rackmount design with special shielded power supply
  • 2 track return, plus iPod input
  • Headphone outs on front and back
  • Optional digital output card; 44.1kHz to 192kHz, plus DSD
  • Performance:
    Frequency Response: Channel 1 line input to main output (20Hz to 20kHz) +/-0.5dB Better than -3dB @ 60Hz
    Distortion: < 0.02% (0Hz to 20kHz) measured at +20dBu into 10 Ohms with 80Hz filter
    Noise: No channels routed = < -86dBu (20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth)1 channel routed = < -85dBu (20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth)16 channels routed = < -80dBu (20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth)

    Line Input:
    Input Impedance (balanced): > 20k Ohms (balanced +4dBu)
    Input level maximum: >+26dBu (balanced)

    Line Output:
    Line Output Impedance: < 50 Ohms (balanced +4dBu)
    Output level maximum: >+26dBu into 600 Ohms (balanced), >+14dBu into 600 Ohms

    Width: 482mm (19 inches)
    Height: 88mm (3 inches) (2U)
    Depth: 390mm (15.4 inches)
    Weight: 7kg (5.5 pounds)

    External Fader Pack: Neve 8804 fader pack allows channel and main audio levels to be controlled by faders. This also introduces an AUX output to the 8816 unit

    Digital Output: Analogue to digital card, capable of sample rates up to 192kHz can be fitted into the 8816 internally.
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