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Digitally controlled analog recording console with total integration with the studio environment and the digital audio workstations of your choice.

In the beginning, there was analogue, and it was good. It was warm, it was intuitive, and Neve - with the industry's favourite mic preamps, flying fader automation and hand-built-in-England quality and reliability - was the brand to own. If you could afford it.

Things change. Along came digital workstation technology - less warm and much less intuitive, to be sure, but cheaper and very flexible - to put more mixing power within reach of the smaller studio.

But guess what... not everything changed. People welcomed digital's flexibility and power, but they also wanted Neve's analogue warmth. The trouble was, that meant juggling two mixing surfaces and spending valuable control room time sorting out a mess of wiring and a mass of interface problems. We at Neve knew we could come up with a better solution.

Welcome to the brave new world
The brief to our design team wasn't just to create a brand new console that encapsulates the best of both (digital and analogue) worlds. We also asked them to see if there wasn't a way to make owning a Neve console a realistic prospect for smaller studios - without compromising on sound quality.

They did it.

  • Genesys G32 (32 input, 16 fader) base console
  • Genesys G48 (48 input, 24 fader) base console
  • Genesys G64 (64 input, 32 fader) base console
  • Genesys G96 (96 input, 48 fader) base console
  • Genesys G128 (128 input, 64 fader) base console
  • Features

    Base Configuration
  • 16 channels of Neve 1073 mic pre/line amplifiers
  • 16 channel DAW monitoring
  • Total Reset & Total Recall
  • Motorised faders with Encore Automation
  • Remote mic amp control
  • 6 Auxes (4 mono and 1 stereo)
  • 8 groups, 2 main outs
  • 4 effects returns
  • 16ch, 8t, 2t and monitor metering
  • 5.1 mixing & monitoring
  • 2 cue mixes
  • Full talkback capability
  • Internal PSU
  • USB stick store, load & reset
  • Hands-on DAW control for Pro Tools, etc.

  • Scalability Options
  • Expandable to 64 channels, straight or with wedges
  • A/D and D/A input/output (44.1kHz/48kHz & 88.2kHz/96kHz)
  • Digitally controlled EQ (Classic 1084 or 88R-style EQ circuitry)
  • Digitally controlled Dynamics (VCA style)
  • Stand
  • Monitor shelves
  • Protective cover
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