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The Antelope Audio Amari is a hi-end 384kHz PCM / DSD256 AD/DA Converter. Its majestic sound will suit mixing engineers, mastering gurus and the most dedicated audiophiles.

The beautifully designed desktop unit is equipped with a slick touchscreen display. Amari offers 1 pair of Analog outs (either on XLR or TRS connectors), 1 pair of analog inputs (either on Combo XLR or RCA), and 2 high power headphone (HP) outputs with dedicated volume control and adjustable output impedance.

Studio legends in a tiny box
Amari features the FPGA FX models of legendary compressors and EQs. Enjoy the vintage authentic sound of iconic studio units. All gear is modeled real-time and behaves just like the hardware originals.
Integrated FX list consists of:

EQ Legends: VEQ-1A, VEQ-4K Series, VEQ-4K Black, VEQ-4K Brown, VEQ-4K Pink, VEQ-4K Orange, BAE-1073, BAE 1084, VEQ-55A, VEQ-55B, Parametric EQ
Vintage Compressors: VCA160, Tube176, FET-A76, Feedforward Compressor


  • High-End 24-bit 384kHz for play back and recording
  • . A/D - Dual AK5578 ADC chips. Dynamic Range 128dB
    . D/A -Eight CS43198 DAC chips. Dynamic range of 138dB
    . DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 formats supported (DSD over PCM a.k.a. DoP) playback
    . 2 headphone outputs with dedicated volume control for each output with user-selectable output resistance (a.k.a. headphone membrane weight compensation) that can be switched to balanced mode.
    . Standard and Balanced mode for Headphones
    . 4th Generation 64-Bit Acoustically Focused Clocking.
    . 10M Atomic Clock Input and Word Clock Input for better system integration and improved audio clarity
    . 2 pairs of Analog Ins on combo XLR and RCA
    . 2 pairs of Analog Outs on combo XLR and TRS
    . Large touchscreen display to ease the advanced functions control and visualization
    . USB 3.1 Connection for playback and recording.
    . Software Control Panel for flexibility and advanced functionality both on MAC and PC.
    . Stunning design

    Love at first listen
    Amari offers the signature Antelope Audio industry acclaimed clocking and best-in-class 192 kHz conversion using the latest ESS (DAC) and AKM (ADC) chips. The unit comes with two independent monitor output pairs on XLR and TRS. Four analog inputs are available on the back panel - 2 on RCA and 2 on combo XLR. In addition Amari provides digital connectivity on AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TOSLINK.

    Incredible headphone control
    Antelope Audio have always equipped their units with multiple headphone outs. Amari brings this to the next level. Its 2 high power headphone outputs feature individual volume control. Each output allows users to select preferred output resistance which automatically adapts to your headphones impedance and power limiter settings in order to protect gear and most importantly hearing.

    Mastering-grade conversion
    Amari employs the industry renowned Antelope Audio clocking technologies and the manufacturer's vast experience in analog circuitry and conversion. The mastering-grade audio interface offers 192 kHz, 24-bit conversion.

    Top clocking
    The desktop interface features the Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management technology pioneered by Antelope Audio's Fourth generation, 64-bit clocking allows a stable and precise sampling of any incoming audio signal. Amari is also equipped with an Atomic Clock input (fully 10MX compatible) for maximum stability. An additional Word Clock input is also available.

    Flexible control set
    The control set of Amari is distributed between dedicated fast-access knobs and buttons for the most frequent controls, the impressive touchscreen display and intuitive software control panel. The touchscreen is used for the more advanced functions and volume levels visualization.


    Inputs Analog
    1x Stereo Pair balanced on ComboXLR 24dBu max input level
    1x Stereo Pair unbalanced on RCA 8,2dBu / 6dBv max input level

    Inputs Digital
    1x AES/EBU up to 192kHz
    1x S/PDIF up to 192kHz
    1x TOSLINK up to 96kHz

    Outputs Analog
    1x Stereo Pair balanced on XLR. Output Level: 24dBu max, digital trim available
    1x Stereo Pair balanced on TRS. Output Level: 18dBu max, digital trim available
    2x Stereo Headphone outs on ComboXLR with individual volume control knobs. Output Power: 1,4 Watts max. Selectable output impedance from -4.6 to 85.3 Ohm available in 17 steps
    Headphone outputs are also configurable to drive 1 pair fully balanced headphone set with dedicated volume control

    Outputs Digital
    1x AES/EBU up to 192kHz
    1x S/PDIF up to 192kHz
    1x TOSLINK up to 96kHz

    sync inputs
    1x World Clock
    1x Atomic 10M

    1x USB 3.1 (Gen 1) on Type-B connector up to 384kHz

    AD Conversion
    2x AK5778 A/D Converter chips
    24 bit 384kHz
    Input: Full Differential Inputs
    S/(N+D): 112 dB (S/N: 124 dB)
    Dynamic Range: 128dB

    DA Conversion
    8x CS43198 D/A Converter chips
    24-bit 384kHz PCM / up to DSD2562 over PCM
    Dynamic Range: 138dB
    GTIN (UPC/EAN) : 853744004595
    Manufacturer Part Number : AMARI



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