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Reference-grade USB AD/DA converter & headphone amplifier

For mastering engineers and home audio enthusiasts who seek high-end sound quality for critical listening and audio archiving, AMÁRI is a reference-grade AD/DA converter with 24-bit, 384 kHz conversion and signature Antelope clocking. An easy-to-use interface and 2 headphone outputs with user-adjustable impedance complete AMÁRI?s unique profile.

An array of audiophile-grade converters and Antelope?s oven-controlled crystal oscillator clocking with proprietary 64-bit algorithms ensure precise, musical conversion quality for mastering and home audio applications.

AMÁRI offers best-in-class D/A converter performance by implementing an unique 8 - DAC architecture (4 - CS43198 chips per channel). This enhances the stereo image, expands depth perception and unveils all the musical details with an unmatched 138 dB dynamic range. Likewise, the headphone outputs feature a dual DAC architecture using one AK5578 chip per channel to boost the dynamic range up to 128dB.

Negative impedance is no mere feature, but a philosophical concept. It permits a certain ambiguity of the final result and the way music reaches us. Music will always sound different, depending on headphones, temperature and even our mood, as mood itself is a kind of electricity inside the brain. Otherwise, digital audio would be just maths and digits.

AMÁRI?s 2 high-power stereo headphone outputs (on XLR connectors) feature individual volume controls (capped at 20dBu max), with digital trim and adjustable output impedance " from -4.6 to 85.3 Ohm, in 17 discrete steps. These options let you configure AMÁRI for ideal compatibility with your favorite headphones, matching their impedance for best performance. AMÁRI?s high-fidelity headphone drivers offer fully differential input per amplifier. It is a dual-amp design, optimized to eliminate possible temperature drifts and deliver differential signal quality. The headphone outs also feature dual DAC architecture for maximum performance.
  • High-End 24-bit 384kHz for play back and recording
  • A/D - Dual AK5578 ADC chips. Dynamic Range 128dB
  • D/A -Eight CS43198 DAC chips. Dynamic range of 138dB
  • DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 formats supported (DSD over PCM a.k.a. DoP) playback
  • 2 headphone outputs with dedicated volume control for each output with user-selectable output resistance (a.k.a. headphone membrane weight compensation) that can be switched to balanced mode.
  • Standard and Balanced mode for Headphones
  • 4th Generation 64-Bit Acoustically Focused Clocking.
  • 10M Atomic Clock Input and Word Clock Input for better system integration and improved audio clarity
  • 2 pairs of Analog Ins on combo XLR and RCA
  • 2 pairs of Analog Outs on combo XLR and TRS
  • Large touchscreen display to ease the advanced functions control and visualization
  • USB 3.1 Connection for playback and recording.
  • Software Control Panel for flexibility and advanced functionality both on MAC and PC.
  • Stunning design
  • Inputs Analog
    1x Stereo Pair balanced on ComboXLR 24dBu max input level
    1x Stereo Pair unbalanced on RCA 8,2dBu / 6dBv max input level

    Inputs Digital
    1x AES/EBU up to 192kHz
    1x S/PDIF up to 192kHz
    1x TOSLINK up to 96kHz

    Outputs Analog
    1x Stereo Pair balanced on XLR. Output Level: 24dBu max, digital trim available
    1x Stereo Pair balanced on TRS. Output Level: 18dBu max, digital trim available
    2x Stereo Headphone outs on ComboXLR with individual volume control knobs. Output Power: 1,4 Watts max. Selectable output impedance from -4.6 to 85.3 Ohm available in 17 steps
    Headphone outputs are also configurable to drive 1 pair fully balanced headphone set with dedicated volume control

    Outputs Digital
    1x AES/EBU up to 192kHz
    1x S/PDIF up to 192kHz
    1x TOSLINK up to 96kHz

    sync inputs
    1x World Clock
    1x Atomic 10M

    1x USB 3.1 (Gen 1) on Type-B connector up to 384kHz

    AD Conversion
    2x AK5778 A/D Converter chips
    24 bit 384kHz
    Input: Full Differential Inputs
    S/(N+D): 112 dB (S/N: 124 dB)
    Dynamic Range: 128dB

    DA Conversion
    8x CS43198 D/A Converter chips
    24-bit 384kHz PCM / up to DSD2562 over PCM
    Dynamic Range: 138dB
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