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The API 1608 Automation Package is a fully integrated, self-contained, and comprehensive moving fader, mute, and insert automation system with DAW control and snapshot.

Leveraging our prior experience with console automation in combination with extensive customer input, API has developed a proprietary, easy-to-use Automation Package for the 1608 console and 1608EX 16-channel expander.

The 1608 Automation Package contains features and operational control previously unheard-of in a small console of this type.

The following operational functions are included:
  • Automation: Moving fader, mute, and insert automation
  • Groups: Fader, mute, and insert groups
  • Snapshots: Capture, store, and load static "snapshots" of faders, mutes, and inserts
  • DAW Control Surface: HUI DAW control
  • File Management: Projects, snapshots, and mixes
  • Features

    Automation features include:
  • Full automation of all Channel faders, Program Masters, and Group Masters
  • Full-sized 100mm faders
  • Channel mute automation
  • Channel insert automation
  • Unlimited groups with two dedicated Group Masters
  • Unlimited mix restore points
  • Time saving automation sub-modes
  • Copy and swap mix data functions
  • Clear mix data functions
  • Off-line fader data trim
  • Synchronization with SMPTE Timecode
  • (LTC) or MIDI Timecode (MTC)

  • DAW Control features include:
  • Fader control
  • Mute, Solo, Select, and Record Ready control
  • 'Channel Shifting' for flexible channel assignment
  • HUI control over MIDI
  • Unity gain audio bypass in DAW control mode

  • Additional features include:
  • Intuitive hardware and software interface ("We work the way you work!")
  • Self-contained system with no external computer required
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software and hardware interfaces
  • Save files to standard memory cards
  • Easy portability with room for hundreds of mixes
  • Easily retrofits to existing 1608 consoles
  • Expandable to 48 channels
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