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Apogee Control Hardware Remote controls the Element 24,46, & 88. connects directly to your Mac using a simple USB cable

Sometimes, it just feels right to have hardware control at your fingertips - we know, we pioneered this approach with Apogee Duet. With the Apogee Control hardware remote, you have 8 buttons and a control knob that you can configure to control a wide range of settings. Apogee Control Hardware Remote connects directly to your Mac using a simple USB cable.

Apogee Control Sold Separately from Element
  • Hardware remote accessory for Symphony I/O Mk II, Element series I/O interfaces, and Ensemble Thunderbolt - Sold separately
  • Symphony-inspired Control Knob plus Input, Headphones and Speaker control knob focus buttons for lightning access to input and output levels
  • 8 user-assignable buttons offer a wide variety of functions:
  • - Analog Input control - input type, 48V, soft limit, group, polarity
    - Analog Output control - mute, dim, sum to mono, speaker set selection, reference level
    - Engage Talkback
    - Launch Control software app
  • Connects to Mac with supplied USB cable
  • Compatible with Symphony I/O Mk II, Element 24, Element 46, Element 88, and Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interfaces
  • 4.5
    Jeff Neill
    Winnipeg, MB
    March 25, 2021
    Apogee Control Remote
    First off, thank you Studio Economik for getting the Apogee Control Remote shipped to me well before the date I expected. To see it show up so fast was most appreciated. You communication was top notch and courteous throughout the process. As a customer that means everything, you will be getting more business from me in the future. Read more
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