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15 Channel Mainframe with 8 Input Modules

The Next Generation.
The MARC-15 is a feature laden, professional analog console that is perfect for On Air radio, Production, and News applications. The modular design allows the console to be configured exactly to the studio's needs and to be easily serviced. The 15 channels with up to 30 source inputs meets even the largest studio's needs.

The MARC-15 console is the flagship of the Arrakis Systems broadcast radio consoles. It is designed to meet the needs of any demanding radio station or group. It has the perfect balance of power & flexibility. If you demand performance that is both high tech and practical, then the MARC console is for you.
Linear Faders
Conductive plastic faders for highest possible resolution and life. Dust covers designed to protect and prolong the life of the fader.

Momentary switches are 5 million operation & LED illuminated, for an extremely long life. No more need to replace switches or bulbs.

Balanced RJ45 Connectors
All IO is by world standard balanced RJ45 connectors. The meter panel hinges for a quick & attractive install.

The 15 channel modular frame allows you to choose your modules, along with creating extreme redundancy.

USB Sound Card
The USB module allows you to connect to any Windows PC or Mac computer. Giving you playback and record.

Power Supply
The power supply is auto-sensing 110-220VAC. Certified: UL, CE, CS, CB. Perfect for use anywhere in the world.

The headphones have both a stereo, balanced, line level output for an external amp, and a headphone amp output for driving low impedance headphones.

Phone Module
The mainframe supports two phone modules. Connect 2 calls at once. Each module controls a single external phone hybrid. Relay isolated logic is used to control the hybrid.
Depth - 20 inches - 508mm
Height - 6 3/4 inches - 172mm
Width - 37 1/2 inches - 953mm

BOX #1
Weight - 69 pounds - 32kg
Depth - 45 inches - 1,143mm
Height - 27 inches - 686mm
Width - 15 inches - 381mm

BOX #2
Weight - 16 pounds - 8kg
Depth - 11 inches - 280mm
Height - 13 inches - 330mm
Width - 15 inches - 381mm

MARC-15 Console (MARC-15-8 / MARC-15-12 / MARC-15-15)
Operations Manual
Power Supply (110V / 220V auto-sensing)
48V DC Phantom Power Supply
NE5532P IC (qty2)
CD4049 IC (qty 2)
Shielded RJ45 cables (qty 0.5 per module + 3 for the CRM)

Per USB Module selected:
USB Cable
USB Serieal Logic Cable (OPTIONAL)
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