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The 'P' Series stereo power amps are a range of high quality power amplifiers designed to partner ATC passive monitors and other loudspeaker systems.

The range consists of P1, P1 Pro, P2 and P2 Pro. The 'Pro' versions differ by featuring 19" rack mount chassis, front panel mounted standby button and remote standby trigger via a rear panel mounted connector. The amplifiers incorporate the same gain reduction and loudspeaker protection circuits as used in the ATC active monitors. This ensures that even working at very high levels the amplifier is held back from clipping so improving the subjective performance and protecting the loudspeakers from damage.

All the amplifiers in the series are of a "true" Dual Mono design, in that the power supplies signal and return paths are totally separated from each other. This approach ensures that the Amplifier will
achieve the maximum signal separation and minimum crosstalk. Further, Intermodulation between channels via the power supplies is reduced to an absolute minimum at all frequencies, and, the power delivery from one channel cannot affect the specified power available from the other channel.

The amplifier mains power is turned on by a push button on the rear panel.There is a Green L.E.D. on the front panel to indicate that the mains supply is connected, together with a Red L.E.D. to indicate that the Amplifier is in Standby.The Amplifier can be brought out of Standby by the Standby button on the ATC SCA-R remote control (supplied with P1 and P2). On the rear panel is a push button to defeat remote control operation in which case, when the Amplifier is switched on the unit will not be in Standby, The Red L.E.D. will be off, and the Remote control has no effect.

The P1 Pro and P2 Pro amplifiers can be bought out of standby using the front panel mounted button. No IR remote is supplied with the 'Pro' versions of the amplifiers and they do not feature IR defeat on the rear panel. They do feature remote triggering of standby via a rear panel mounted 5 - 12v ac/dc input.


  • 150W per channel
  • Class A/B operation
  • Hand built in the UK
  • True dual mono design
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • Amplifier link output
  • Remote control
  • Specifications

  • Output Power into 8 : 150W
  • Input Sensitivity: 2V RMS
  • Input Impedance: 10k/leg
  • Frequency Response: 400kHz (-3dB)
  • Signal to noise ratio: >110dB (DIN)
  • Crosstalk: >100dB
  • THD: >0.002%/-95dB
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 135x435x350mm
  • Weight: 23kg/50.6lbs
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    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
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