Audio Accessories Mini/TT - EDAC 3 Pins (1.5 RU)


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The Audio Accessories Mini/TT-EDAC3 is a patchbay Analog/digital ready. These connectorized MINI (TT/Bantam) panels incorporate EDAC multi-pin connectors.

For exceptional flexibility, check out Audio's exclusive Quick-Switch normalling system. We've taken our standard 2x48x2RU, .172" MINI (Bantam/TT) patchbay and brought the Tip, Ring, and Sleeve of each jack out to individual 3-Pin EDAC connectors. Then it's mounted on the rear of a 3-inch deep "SHORTI" box, with a cabling support tray behind for bundling incoming cables.

The Quick-Switch normalling pod (located on the rear of the unit) allows you to set the individual normals on a per jack-pair basis. This enables you to full-normal (FN), half-normal (HN), or non-normal (NN), individual bussed grounds (B) on a per-row basis. You can also have the unit share a common (bussed) ground, or the grounds can be vertically strapped (GVS).

To change any normal, simply pull the panel out from the front and move the Quick-Switch shunt to the desired setting.
  • Unless otherwise specified, four 90-pin female connectors (SAC90) will be supplied on the rear of all units.
  • Other options for MINI patchbays include six 56-pin (SAC56) connectors or eight 38-pin connectors (SAC38).
  • Standard Audio Configuration (SAC) is the most common pinout used for EDAC connectors and will be supplied unless otherwise specified.
  • "48P" Group Spacing is standard. "48E" and "48S" Spacing can be provided-specify when ordering.
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