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Professional video editing software with 32-bit floating point color pipeline and ACES color support, HDR workflows, and up to 99 video and audio tracks capability

From first cut to final finishing, get the tools every video editor needs to create compelling stories faster.

Work with any type of media
Import and edit footage from any camera, no matter the format, codec, or resolution. From HD and UHD, to HDR, 8K, and beyond, experience smooth, frame-accurate playback - even when mixing different types of video, audio, images, and frame rates.

Edit with Oscar- and Emmy-winning tools
The majority of all films and TV shows are edited on Media Composer. That's because it makes the creative process fast, easy, and gratifying. From fluid timeline editing, to the precision toolset, you can navigate and cut sequences more intuitively and tell better stories.

Finish in the box - or out
Whether you do all color correction, grading, and audio mixing in Media Composer, or roundtrip out to other applications, you can be confident that your work will accurately hit every delivery specification.

Total color precision
Media Composer future-proofs your content with its 32-bit floating point color pipeline and ACES color support, ensuring consistent color accuracy from end to end. The Symphony Option offers advanced color grading tools and IMF packaging, so you can easily deliver to Netflix and other OTT specifications with confidence.

Produce dramatic HDR imagery
Tell stories that showcase true-to-life image quality with effortless HDR workflows. Import, edit, color grade, and deliver incredibly realistic imagery with exceptional detail in the shadows and highlights.

Create studio-quality soundtracks
Make your story sound as good as it looks with a suite of audio tools and plugins. Create up to 64 tracks of dialogue, music, and sound effects in 7.1 surround. Or send all tracks and effects to Pro Tools for audio post"without having to transcode sequences first.
Audience and availability
Ideal for... : Professional editors and movie makers who work independently

Projects : Unlimited, with support for Custom Projects
Bins :
  • Unlimited bins
  • Volume bins
  • Favorite bins
  • Shared bins and projects
  • Video and audio plugin support : All AVX and AAX plugins
    Transcode : Yes
    Consolidate : Yes
    Backward licensing compatibility : Current subscribers can activate and run Media Composer 2018.9 and later* (see details for perpetual licenses here)
    Access control : n/a

    Video editing :
  • Best-in-class Trim tools
  • Smart Tools
  • Create sequence based on selection
  • Script-based editing
  • Auto-Sequence
  • Multicam editing :
  • Group Clips
  • MultiGroup
  • 4-Way Split Display
  • 9-Way Split Display
  • MultiCam Editing mode
  • MultiCam Accelerator keys
  • Swap Banks
  • Previous/Next in Group
  • Group by Audio Waveforms
  • Edit Groups
  • Mixed Rate Groups
  • Video effects :
  • Full core set
  • Source Side Motion Effects
  • TimeWarp
  • TimeWarp Fluid Motion
  • Stabilize
  • FrameFlex : Yes
    Timecode tool : Yes
    Sequence Map : Yes
    Bulk Edit : Yes
    List tool : Yes
    Film workflows : Yes
    Stereoscopic 3D : Yes
    Color Correction :
  • CC Effect
  • Predefined CC Effects
  • HSL Controls
  • Hue Offsets
  • Luma Range
  • Curves
  • Color Info
  • Channels
  • (Secondary and Relationships available through the Symphony Option)
  • Audio editing and mixing :
  • Audio Tool
  • Audio Ducking
  • Audio Punch-in
  • Audio Subframe Slip
  • Audio Grouping
  • Read Audio Timecode
  • Audio MultiMix
  • Change Sample Rate
  • Audio Mixer
  • Audio effects : Full core set (see details)
    Workspaces :
  • Edit
  • Color
  • Effects
  • Audio
  • Titles :
  • Titler+
  • Marquee tool
  • Background render, transcode, and consolidate : Yes
    Settings :
  • Full User settings
  • Multiple Users settings
  • Site settings
  • Project settings
  • Keyboard Mapping : Full
    Source/Record color differentiation : Off by default
    Snap to Edit : Off by default
    Auto-launch Effects Editor : Off by default
    Video and audio plugin support : All AVX and AAX plugins
    Avid Marketplace : In-app AAX and AVX Marketplace and software upgrade

    Collaboration and control
    Shared bins and projects : Yes
    MediaCentral workflow integration : Yes
    Avid NEXIS shared media workflows : Yes

    Video tracks : 99
    Audio tracks : 99
    Data tracks : Fully supported

    Video and color
    Linked file support :
  • Full encode and decode
  • SD, HD, >HD
  • Project formats : SD PAL, SD NTSC, 720, 1080, 2K, UHD, 4K, 8K, 16K, Custom
    Frame rates : 23.976p, 24p, 25i/p, 30i/p, 47p, 48p, 50i/p, 59.94i/p, 60p, 119p, 120p
    Native compression : JFIF, DV, ProRes, XDCAM, AVC-I, IMX, DNxHD, DNxHR, DNxUncompressed, XAVC-L, AVC-LongG, J2K
    Floating point timeline (32-bit) : Yes
    Color spaces : 601/709, RGB 709, S-Log3, SMPTE-2084, DCI-P3, Rec. 2020, ACES 1.0, ACES 2065-1
    Desktop display LUTs : Rec. 709, DCI-P3, sRGB, Rec. 2020, ACES Proxy

    Audio resolutions : 32, 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz; 16- and 24-bit
    Audio channels : Mono, dual mono, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround

    Source Browse : Yes
    Drag-and-Drop Import : Yes
    Drag-and-Drop Link : Yes
    Photoshop w/Layers : Yes
    Capture : Yes
    Dynamic Media Folders : Yes
    IMF Link : With Symphony Option
    OP1a Native Link and Import : Yes
    ProRes decoding (Mac and Windows) : Yes
    OpenEXR decoding : Yes
    AAF Import : Yes
    HEVC (H.265) decoding : Yes
    EDL Import : Yes
    ALE Import : Yes
    Shot Log Import : Yes
    SCC Import : Yes
    Edit While Capture : Yes

    QuickTime (.mov) formats : Yes
    ProRes decoding (Mac and Windows) : Yes
    OpenEXR encoding : Yes
    Graphic Export : Yes
    AAF Export : Yes
    ALE Export : Yes
    AFE Export : Yes
    Shot Log Export : Yes
    SCC Export : Yes
    TTML Export : Yes
    AMA File Export : Yes
    DPX Export : Yes
    AS-11 MXF OP1a Export : Yes
    DNxHD MXF OP1a Export : Yes
    ProRes MXF OP1a Export : Yes
    DNxHR MXF OP1a Export : Yes
    J2K MXF OP1a Export : Yes
    OP1a Export : Yes
    IMF Export : With Symphony Option
    HEVC (H.265) Export : Yes
    Export to Device : Yes
    Send to... : Yes

    Hardware interfaces
    Avid Artist | DNxIQ : Compatible
    Avid Artist | DNxIV : Compatible
    Avid Artist | DNxIP : Compatible
    Avid Artist | DNxID : Compatible
    Avid and third-party audio interfaces : Compatible
    Third-party video interface : Compatible
    Avid Control : Compatible
    Avid Dock : Compatible
    Avid S1 : Compatible

    Control surfaces
    Artist Control : Compatible
    Artist Mix : Compatible
    Artist Color : Compatible
    Artist Transport : Compatible

    Software options
    Media Composer | Symphony Option : Compatible
    Media Composer | NewsCutter Option : Compatible
    Media Composer | ScriptSync Option : Compatible
    Media Composer | PhraseFind Option : Compatible
    Media Composer | Production Pack : Compatible

    Compatible Avid solutions
    Interplay | Production : Compatible
    Interplay | MAM : Compatible
    MediaCentral : Compatible
    MediaCentral | Cloud UX : Compatible
    Avid NEXIS shared bins and projects : Compatible
    iNEWS : Compatible
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