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Avid S4/S6 CKM with extended HW warranty
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Optional knob module for Avid S4 and S6 consoles

Designed to fit Avid's S4 series consoles, the Control Knob Module (CKM) provides visual feedback and hands-on adjustment of channel functions like plugins, EQ, dynamics, and pan. The CKM module is one of four optional modules you can add to your S4 base configuration. You can add two CKMs to your S4 for a total of 64 additional top-lit knobs, providing at-a-glance confirmation during process heavy mixes.

The S4 series is a semi-modular digital console designed to give smaller facilities a budget-friendly way to bring the power of Avid's industry-standard S6 mixing system to their projects.

The S4 system starts with your choice of base systems consisting of up to 3 channel strip modules (24 faders max), a master touch module, a master automation module, and a frame.

Add a CKM to your S4 and expand your possibilities.
  • 32 top-lit rotary encoding knobs
  • Provides visual feedback of attention track functions like EQ, pan, dynamics and more
  • Adds additional assignable controls
  • Allows intuitive tactile control of adjustable parameters
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