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With the VENUE | S3L-X System, you get even greater versatility, reliability, and value for the stage, studio, and beyond. With Two VENUE Stage 16 remote I/O box.

Like S3L, S3L-X is a highly scalable, Ethernet AVB-networked modular system that enables you to mix and record live shows with incredible efficiency. And now with S3L-X, you can streamline FOH, monitor, and broadcast workflows by sharing the same I/O across multiple S3L-X Systems, with full automatic gain compensation. Plus, you can set up a mobile recording/mixing studio using just the VENUE | S3 surface and Pro Tools® | Software on a laptop, making VENUE | S3L-X the most versatile system in live sound.

Better and mightier than ever
Building on the merits of its predecessor, VENUE | S3L-X enhances every facet of your live sound production. Share I/O across multiple systems, with automatic gain tracking. Mix live shows and Pro Tools sessions. Get the advanced technology you need to run 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins with the latest 64-bit OS under the hood, giving you more sound processing options than ever to create that perfect mix. Gain peace of mind for the unpredictability of the road-whether you're touring or commuting-with the reinforced hardware engine. Experience the best possible performance from your system with 2x times more RAM. Plus, get improved sound quality from the VENUE | S3 surface, featuring a newly designed high output, low noise headphone amp.

Built for the future
S3L-X features a modular, open networked architecture, providing technology advancements that will carry you well into the future. From Ethernet AVB and HDX-powered, floating-point processing, to integrated 64-bit AAX plug-ins and full EUCONTM support, you gain a versatile and scalable solution that works with the innovations of today and tomorrow.

Reduce complexity and cost
With S3L-X, you can share the same I/O boxes across two or more systems over Ethernet
AVB, eliminating the need for a splitter to share source feeds between FOH, monitor, and broadcast setups. This reduces the I/O and cable requirements, set-up time, and transportation costs, highlighting the true portability and value of using S3L-X in even the most demanding workflows. Plus, with automatic gain tracking and compensation on every channel across all networked systems, you can ensure that your signal levels will be preserved whenever another engineer changes mic preamp levels on your shared I/O.

Take control-anywhere you roam
Whether you're at the gig, on the tour bus, or in a studio or hotel room, the S3L-X System's full- featured power and compact size enable you to exercise your creativity everywhere you go. It's the ideal cost-effective mixing/recording setup to take to any gig-in any size space-as it easily loads into a car, van, bus, or plane.

Create studio-quality mixes live
Professional-grade I/O. Transparent preamps. EQ and dynamics on all channel outputs. These are just some of the qualities that enable theS3L-X System to deliver exceptional sound. With direct support for 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins, you gain access to the same creative tools used in top recording studios today, effectively replacing bulky outboard gear and cumbersome external plug-in "servers." Whether you want to re-create an artist's signature studio sound live or get more creative with your own mixes, there are plenty of AAX plug-ins available to choose from.

Get unmatched Pro Tools/DAW integration
Recording live shows has never been easier. Simply connect a laptop (with Pro Tools or other DAW installed) to the system (using a single Cat5e cable) and you're ready to record with up to 64 tracks of audio recording/playback. VENUE Link makes it easy to control your live mixing and recording/playback setups as one. You can also perform Virtual Soundchecks globally or on a per-channel basis, enabling performers to sound check alongside prerecorded tracks. What's more, you can use VENUE | S3 as a standalone control surface and 4x4 audio interface to record and mix Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, or other DAW session, giving you unprecedented versatility.

Scale up without being weighed down
With S3L-X, you can easily scale the system to meet your needs. Go from 16 I/O channels with one Stage 16 box up to 64 channels with four. Rack your I/O in one location for easy supervision, or place each box closer to sources throughout the venue-up to 328 feet (100 meters) away. Share I/O across two or more systems to streamline FOH/monitor/broadcast workflows. And with Ethernet AVB connectivity, all you need are lightweight, inexpensive Cat5e cables, putting an end to expensive, bulky analog snakes.

Bring the ease of VENUE to any event
All Avid live sound systems operate under one common platform-VENUE | Software, which sets new standards in operational ease and efficiency, giving you instant access to and full control over any function of your system. Just a simple button push on the console or click from the screen gives you access to inputs, outputs, filing operations, snapshots, the digital patchbay, plug-ins, media, and more. Plus, you only need to learn the software once to mix on any VENUE system, big or small, and can create and load any VENUE show file for use across all.

Enhance shows with 2-track USB playback
Get fast and easy 2-track playback and recording to enhance or archive performances. Simply connect a standard USB Flash drive to the E3 engine and take control using the Media page in VENUE | Software. Use playlists to organize your files and then integrate them with VENUE snapshots and events for easy playback-ideal for triggering spot effects, cues, and music beds for theater performances, or for archiving stereo recordings of your board mix.


  • Mix anything, everywhere-from major festivals to clubs with the tiniest FOH spaces
  • Share the same I/O across two or more S3L-X Systems, with complete auto gain tracking
  • Mix DAW sessions using S3 as a standalone mixing surface and 4x4 audio interface
  • Keep pace with the latest sound processing innovations with 64-bit AAX DSP plug-in support
  • Scale the modular system to accommodate any size performance, from 16-64 mic pres
  • Get exceptional sound quality, plus reliable Ethernet AVB connectivity, without the cable bulk
  • Achieve maximum performance with 2x more RAM compared to S3L
  • Record directly to Pro Tools (or other DAW) through a simple laptop Ethernet connection
  • Get great reliability for the road with the rugged, reinforced engine design
  • Monitor with confidence through the higher output, lower noise headphone amp
  • Specifications

  • VENUE | S3 control surface
  • VENUE | E3 engine
  • VENUE | 2 x Stage 16 remote I/O box
  • VENUE | Software
  • Pro Tools | Software
  • AAX DSP plug-in bundle
  • Cables, accessories, and guides
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