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Avid Video Satellite LE Option


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Video Satellite LE is a cost-effective way of bringing high-definition or standard-definition video into your Pro Tools|HD audio workflow.

Whether you want to work with QuickTime HD or SD formats, or Avid SD video, Video Satellite LE allows you to keep video playback separate from your audio production, but tightly synced.

Go High- or Standard-Def
Video Satellite LE allows you to work with both high- and standard-definition QuickTime video, or standard-definition Avid video. Play back QuickTime HD or SD video on the desktop, or install a qualified Blackmagic Design video card (such as the Blackmagic DeckLink HD Extreme card) for full-screen video monitoring from the Pro Tools LE-based computer. Or connect an Avid Mojo SDI to the Pro Tools LE computer and play back Avid SD or QuickTime SD video through the video peripheral for full-screen video monitoring.
Superior Synchronization

Using a proprietary Ethernet connection protocol that delivers faster lockup time than traditional 9-pin solutions and tighter synchronization than MIDI Time Code, Video Satellite LE keeps your Pro Tools|HD audio and Pro Tools LE video systems in sync. Control all audio and video transport commands from your Pro Tools rig - including scrubbing - with great ease and responsiveness.
Cost-Effective Flexibility

As it works with Digidesign's most affordable Pro Tools LE system, Mbox 2 Micro, Video Satellite LE is the perfect cost-effective solution for working on professional video projects without having to sacrifice your Pro Tools|HD system's host resources for video playback. And as a nice bonus for post professionals, Video Satellite LE gives you the flexibility of creating your own video playback system at home, allowing you to work on projects outside of a networked post-production facility.
  • Sync Pro Tools|HD sessions with HD or SD video playback running on a separate computer running Pro Tools LE (via Mbox 2 Micro)
  • Control all audio and video system transport commands from the Pro Tools|HD system
  • Proprietary Ethernet protocol achieves faster lock than 9-pin and tighter lock than MIDI Time Code for exceptional responsiveness when scrubbing and shuttling
  • Supports loop playback
  • Play back video on the desktop or through a supported video card or peripheral
  • Supports qualified Blackmagic Design video cards for QuickTime HD/SD playback
  • Supports Avid SD and QuickTime SD video playback with Avid Mojo SDI
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