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BAE 6 Module Lunchbox - With PSU and 48v

6 Module Lunchbox w/ psu and 48v Phantom for 500 series modules.

With the 500 series being as popular as it is, you need to be sure that you have the best vehicle for the module. There are a couple of things that you need to be sure of,

The benefit of having something handwired over a pcb is that if you plug and unplug something too many times, the circuit board traces can break. When its handwired the wire flexes so this will never be a problem. Also this makes repinning a breeze as you just move one wire after another. Not possible on a circuit board.

ANOTHER MAJOR PLUS OF OUR RACKS IS THE OPTION OF ADDING JENSEN LINE TRANSFORMERS. As you know some modules are unbalanced and you dont want to loose 6dbs.

The MOST important thing about these racks is the power supply. As mentioned not only are we tendng to our 312A here but there are a few modules out there that draw a lot of current. Not a problem with this upgraded psu that was designed by Avedisaudio. Each rail offers 1.5 amps which will handle anything you throw at it.

Not only is the psu important but , because it is remote you will never have to worry about the micpre nearest the the psu picking up radiation (noise).

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