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The Bag End E-trap can be viewed as an electronic acoustic absorber. It incorporates a feedback control scheme into a loudspeaker.

The electronic bass trap offers a precise tool to attack the very worst problems with a high degree of effectiveness in a fraction of the space. It also offers a practical low cost solution to existing rooms where problems are present and room re-design or large passive absorbers are not an option.

It incorporates a feedback control scheme into a loudspeaker making the speaker exhibit the same dynamics as that of a reactive absorber. It employs a microphone, E-trap circuit module, tuning controls, amplifier, speaker and the room to create a real time active electronic, acoustic feedback circuit. This active feedback adds damping to a room mode at the tuned frequency. Because it is active it is capable of adding considerable damping to a room and still be very small in size. The small size allows the designer to place it in acoustically strategic locations without effecting the rooms upper frequency characteristics and with minimal impact to floor space and cosmetics.

The E-trap offers precise tunability of two target frequencies simultaneously. The frequency and amount of damping is adjustable via controls. PC measurement software (for Windows(r)) is included with the E-Trap to allow the user to pinpoint the frequency that requires damping. Once the E-trap is placed and tuned, it requires no additional attention.

While not likely to replace all passive bass trap implementations, the precision, ease of tuning and small size offered by the E-trap provide an additional tool to absorb low frequencies and can provide a dramatic improvement in the sound of the room.


  • Consultant Version: 18 mm 13-ply birch plywood, Black textured paint finish w/handle
  • Designer Version: Natural wood veneer over MDF

  • Recording Studios
  • Control Rooms
  • Home Theaters

  • Damping Surface: 10" loudspeaker

    Frequency Range: 20-65Hz
    Maximum operating level: 110dB SPL
    LED Green: Power on
    LED Red: Circuit overload
    Duty Cycle: Designed of continuous operation 24/7
    Power Required: 120 VAC (240 WAC available) Watts - Min 24/Max 62
  • 2 - Independent mode damping channels
  • Feedback, Contour, Coarse Frequency, Fine Frequency, Mic Selection, On/Off switch for each channel

    Grille: Black cloth
  • 18"h x 13"w x 9.5"d
  • 45.72 cm x 33 cm x 24.13 cm

  • Weight: 33 lbs., 15 kg

    Shipping Dimensions
  • 26.25"h x 18.125"w x 14.5"d
  • 66.67 cm x 46 cm x 36.83 cm

  • Shipping Weight: 41 lbs., 18.4 kg
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