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Studio headphones for critical listening, mixing & mastering (open-back), 48 ohms

Trusted sound meets performance and flexibility
In launching the open-back DT 900 PRO X, we are unveiling circumaural studio headphones, which are set to usher in a new era for the long-established, Heilbronn-based company. While our classics of the PRO series are regarded as reference products in professional studios all over the world, the new PRO line is suitable for flexible use both in the studio and while on the move. It is all made possible by the newly developed STELLAR.45 driver that loudly reproduces the best sound in studio quality without any distortion with all playback devices.

Wide range of applications on all playback devices
Anytime, anywhere the wide range of applications offered by the new PRO X line unleashes your creativity. Be it on an audio interface, laptop, tablet or mobile phone: Thanks to our new high-performance STELLAR.45 driver, the PRO X headphones with an impedance of 48 ohms reproduce sound at volume and power to familiar levels of studio quality on all playback devices. The cable concept is also demonstrably suitable for everyday use: the removable mini-XLR cable can be swapped out as required to be replaced with cables that have different lengths or feature other connectivity options.

Tailored fit for extra-long sessions
The new PRO X line also embodies what our professional headphones have always been synonymous with: maximum wearing comfort. The robust spring steel headband design assures the over-ear headphones provide a secure fit and ensures durability. The supple velour ear pads are soft to the touch, as you would expect, and guarantee superior ventilation. The headband ergonomically adapts to the shape of the wearer's head with the aid of soft memory foam and, like the ear pads, can be replaced if required.

Built to last, featuring a sleek, robust design
Black, minimalist and reduced to the essentials. In a word: PRO.
As far as the design of and materials used in the PROX line are concerned, attention was paid to the resilience of all components: metal headband, GRP components, a robust mini-XLR connector and hard-wearing cable. This means you are geared up on a daily basis for any professional application.

Sustainable headphones made in Germany
The new PRO X line headphones have been designed for daily use in challenging conditions. This is why they are handmade in Germany using premium quality materials. If required, nearly all the headphones' components can be replaced, turning these headphones into an investment that makes sense for every creator.
  • Detailed, spacious and transparent sound
  • Wide range of applications on all devices thanks to STELLAR.45 driver with an impedance of 48 ohms
  • Superb wearing comfort
  • Hard-wearing, durable and robust workmanship
  • Sustainable headphones made in Germany
    Open-back headphones: The earcup housings are open so they retain air and sound permeability.

    Spacious and transparent. Differentiated stage enables precise localisation of acoustic sources.

    Mixing, Mastering, Monitoring

    3 m or 1.8 straight cable, detachable


    48 ohms
    February 4, 2023
    Bon pour longues sessions
    L'extra DB bien apprécié car pas de headphones amp. Très confos et solides. Vous entendez tout, il y a une petite pointe dans les hautes fréquences, donc faut faire gaffe avec ça au mixing, mais rien de dérangeant. Merci à nouveau Mario!
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