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Bluetooth Headphones, Closed-back, Noise-canceling, MOSAYC Sound Personalization, Light Guide System, Compact Storage and 46-hour Battery - Brown color

To achieve perfect noise cancellation, it combines microphones on the outside of the casing with microphones inside the ear cup to detect unwanted sounds.
To achieve perfect noise cancellation, it combines microphones on the outside of the casing with microphones inside the ear cup to detect unwanted sounds.

These get cancelled out with a counter-noise wave produced by the integrated technology. The result is astounding: noise simply does not reach the eardrums and all that is left are perfect silence and clear, crisp music. This state-of-the-art hybrid ANC technology and decade's worth of experience guarantee best sound quality without compromise, satisfying even the most discerning ears.

But this is only the beginning: With the innovative MOSAYC sound personalisation, these headphones surpass all ANC models to date. The combination of technologies marks an outstanding novelty and will revolutionize the headphone market for years to come.

Dynamic sound personalization via MIY app
Hearing is a highly individual experience that changes over the course of a lifetime. Like in a mosaic picture, individual pieces get lost, changing the acoustic picture, rendering it incomplete or fading. Subtle details get blurred out, single frequencies or tones vanish.

The innovative MOSAYC sound personalisation by beyerdynamic restores the picture, using Mimi Defined?. An individualised hearing profile is calculated after a hearing test in the MIY app for Android and iOS devices. This test is based on the research by Mimi Hearing Technologies in Berlin. With the resulting personalised hearing profile, the sound of the Blue BYRD gets adjusted to the individual hearing capability of its wearer. It replenishes the missing pieces of the mosaic so to speak, to attain a complete and brilliant sound picture that shines in all its vivid colours and vibrant details.

The individualised listening profile is also stored inside the Blue BYRD, so that it can be used with every wireless source - even without the app. In the future, all headphones by beyerdynamic with MOSAYC sound personalisation will feature a distinct logo. With MOSAYC beyerdynamic continues the successful cooperation with Mimi Hearing Technologies and uses the latest generation of Mimi Defined?.

Find peace and quiet, enjoy music wherever you are: LAGOON ANC
If you travel a lot - to discover the world or to travel from business appointment to business appointment - you will appreciate a perfect moment of silence. With the mobile LAGOON ANC premium headphones from beyerdynamic, the oasis of quiet is only one touch away. The stylish Bluetooth Over Ears combine the outstanding sound quality of beyerdynamic headphones with the latest digital active noise cancelling, the intensity of which can be adjusted in two levels via switch.

The LAGOON ANC sounds excellent even when ANC is deactivated and in cable operation - it incorporates all the know-how of the traditional manufacturer from Heilbronn in Germany. When used in wireless mode, with activated ANC and the innovative MOSAYC sound personalisation, a completely new world opens up for the wearer: perfect music enjoyment without compromise, without external noise and optimally adapted to individual hearing ability.

Designed for demanding everyday life
The sophisticated, comfortable design of the LAGOON ANC makes it the perfect companion for travelling: The ear-enclosing pads made of high-quality memory foam with protein synthetic leather covers are particularly smooth, follow the anatomy of the ear and are comfortable to wear.

As a result, the over-ear closes up very well and reduces noise even without active ANC. The high-quality spring steel shackle sits comfortably - not too tight, but securely - on the head. The cans can be turned and folded flat for easy transport, making it easy to fit the headphones in the included compact hard case.

Innovative operating concept for maximum comfort
Another stroke of genius from the beyerdynamic engineers is the unique Light Guide System: to make operation easier, the inside of the headphones shines in different colours. To see the current status, simply remove the headphones and take a look at the light colour. While wearing the headphones, the environment is not disturbed by a flashing or glowing status light.

The touchpad on the right earpiece guarantees effortless fingertip operation. As a state-of-the-art Bluetooth headset, the LAGOON ANC also features the latest audio codecs such as Qualcomm aptX?, aptX? Low Latency and AAC. Qualcomm cVc? technology is used for maximum speech intelligibility in headset operation, and voice announcements are available in both English and German.

With a sensational battery life of up to 24 hours when the ANC is activated and up to 46 hours when the noise cancellation is off, the headphones will last effortlessly even on long journeys before they need to be recharged via USB type C.
  • Circumaural headphones with digital active noise cancelling with hybrid technology
  • Outstanding beyerdynamic sound with and without ANC
  • Touchpad control, handsfree microphone and Light Guide System
  • Personalization via MIY app possible
  • Grey/brown (Explorer)

    Wireless via Bluetooth

    20 ohms

    283 g

    Up to 45 hours

    Up to 24.5 hours

    10 - 30.000 Hz


    aptX LL, aptX, AAC, SBC

    Circumaural (around the ear)

    What's in the box:
    - Lagoon ANC Explorer grey/brown
    - Audio Cable mini jack (3.5mm)
    - Charging cable USB-A to USB-C
    - Hardcase
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