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Dynamic Microphone (Hypercardioid)

Some products are born classics and the M 88 has to take centre-stage for being far ahead of its time when it was first introduced in the 1960`s. Incorporating a new low-mass diaphragm element, the M 88 TG has earned its place in history in the Kick Drum (for this application, the use of an external popshield like PS 88 or WS 59 is strongly recommended). Sound engineers have found that the lightning-fast transient response of the microphone reproduces the complex sound patterns of this instrument resulting in the tight `thump` without the need for complex signal processing.

This characteristic works equally well on other instruments especially where intricate low frequencies and their harmonics need to be captured. The M 88 TG is one of the most frequently specified microphones by sound engineers worldwide and heralded a beyerdynamic contemporary classic as this microphone becomes renown for capturing emotive audio signals.

The M 88 TG excels on the kick drum, saxophone and percussions, the result of a balanced sound profile and deep bass tones. It is a must-have for every microphone collection. And why shouldn't it be when you consider its features It is both insensitive to high sound pressure levels and feedback resistant thanks to its nearly perfect hypercardioid!

The M 88 TG excels in the studio with the help of its multifaceted flexibility. No matter whether the job involves vocals, horns, guitar amplifiers or drums - the microphone is the perfect choice for the widest range of sources. It is all the result of its exceptionally broad frequency response and rich sound.
  • Legendary, universal all purpose microphone classic
  • Perfectly suitable for the studio
  • Unbelievably rich sound
  • Made in germany
  • Transducer type: Dynamic moving coil
  • Operating principle: Pressure gradient
  • Frequency response: 30 - 20,000 Hz
  • Polar pattern: Hypercardioid
  • Rear attenuation at 1 kHz: > 23 dB at 120°
  • Open circuit voltage at 1 kHz (0 dB = 1 V/Pa): 2.9 mV/Pa
  • Magnetic field suppression: > 20 dB = 50 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 200
  • Load impedance: 1000
  • Diaphragm: Hostaphan
  • Casing: Brass
  • Connection: 3-pin XLR male
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 181 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 25.5 mm
  • Head diameter: 48.5 mm
  • Weight w/out cable: 320 g
  • 5.0
    Harlow Nniuq
    St John's Newfoundland
    August 18, 2022
    Proximity effect galore
    Michael Aronoff
    Salt Spring Island, B.C.
    July 22, 2015
    Excellent mic for bass vocals
    This is a fine instrument to use and learn. Pricey but worth it for the quality of sound. I use it for proximity vocals and it brings out a rich deep bass with clarity. One needs to be up close and directly in front of it to get the sound. Not much response a few inches away, which is good. Read more
    Ray Montford
    Toronto, ON
    March 31, 2015
    On Kick drum
    I was looking for a kick drum mic and Louis from S. Economik suggested this one because it also sounds good on other sources such as upright bass, horns, electric guitar and even voice. So far, I've only had the opportunity to try it on a kick drum and I was pleased with the results. Read more
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