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Sorry, the product B&K Components AV30.2 is not available anymore on Studio Economik's website.

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The B&K AV30.2 two channel Brick Amps combine detail and dynamics with excellent bass response to deliver a rich musical performance.

  • Class D output stage - Highly efficient high end home stereo system with the ability to produce the highest quality audio with low power draw and minimal heat. Also allows for less noise with no input signal, since the internal circuitry is off when the unit has no signal.
  • Control Trigger - A control system is to allow remote switching of the amplifier's standby on/off feature.
  • Amp Status LED - The power LED shows whether or not the amplifier has power. The amp LED shows the state of the unit including normal usage, standby state, limit and temp limit.
  • Input and Output Connections via RJ45 - An RJ45 input/output designed to connect multiple AV brick amplifiers using a straight through CAT-5 cables.
  • Dip Switch Configuration - Used to configure RJ45 I/O, Mono usage, Sense ability, and the control trigger input.
  • Specifications
    Power Rating 8 ohms : 30 watts
    Power Rating 4 ohms : 60 watts
    Number of Channels : 2
    Current (Peak to Peak) : 10 Amps
    Dynamic Headroom : .5 dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.016%
    Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N) : 100 dB
    Input Impedance : 10k
    Damping Factor (50Hz) : 1000
    Frequency Response : 5Hz - 45kHz
    Slew Rate : 14V/ยต sec
    Audio Input Sensitivity : .1V/1W
    Gain : 28AV or 28dB
    C Line Voltage : 120/220/240
    Level Controls : Dual Back
    Maximum Output Wire Gauge : 12 AWG
    Control Input : Yes
    Control Output : Yes
    Dimension in Inches (HXWXD) : 2.5" X 5.44" X 9.25"
    Shipping Weight : 3 lbs.
    Max Power : 150 watts
    Max Current Draw : 75mA
    Watts @ No Input : 9 watts
    Current in Standby : 35mA
    Watts in Standby : 4 watts
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