Black Lion Audio PBR-TRS-BT


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46-Point TRS 1/4-Inch patch bay w/ Bluetooth Access

Your studio needs more than accessible patching - audio quality throughout every signal chain is essential. Black Lion Audio has been trusted for years for modifying the best gear and making it better, and that's what it took to create the PBR TRS.

The PBR TRS is a 96 point TRS patchbay, built for the most demanding of studios; loaded with 96 audiophile-grade gold-plated 1/4? TRS connectors. Mode-switching can be accessed via buttons on the rear panel for configuring normalization modes.

Black Lion's team of engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the PBR TRS delivers proper quality through-and-through. The PBR TRS is also built Black Lion-tough, with black-anodized aluminum faceplates that also make for a matched and sophisticated look.
  • 46 gold plated, high end connectors
  • Heavy Duty aluminum chassis and faceplate
  • Front mounted Bluetooth antenna
  • Illuminated front panel Bluetooth sync button ? USB C power jack for Bluetooth
  • Normal/Half normal button on every pair of I/O ? Analog outputs from Bluetooth antenna
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