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The Bock Audio IFET is a dual FET amplifier cardioid microphone powered by P48 phantom voltage. Audio output is fully transformer balanced.

The iFet is a phantom powered FET condenser mic designed to capture the high SPL handling and sound of the classic fet47. The unique sonic signature of this mic is not easily replaced by modern microphone alternatives. To increase the value and versatility of the iFet, Bock added a second set of FET electronics for a second "sound", accessed via a switch.
The iFet has two different sets of electronics (mic amplifiers) sharing a K47 type capsule and large core specially designed Bock output transformer. These two "modes" of the Bock iFet offer two distinctly different sounds in one mic: the ideal FET mic for kick drums and a classic FET vocal mic for a wide variety of voices.

The "I" mode employs a classic high SPL Class A discrete electronic package (one FET and four transistors) with improved HF and LF extension. The goal of the Bock iFet is to deliver the essential dynamic characteristics of the classic high SPL FET mic but offer a better top end and deeper bass than was possible in vintage days.

The "V" vocal mode is a Class A adaption of a km84 circuit offering a simpler single path (one FET) and a warmer more intimate vocal sound. This amp has 4dB more sensitivity for lower SPL sources such as vocals. This is a beautiful sounding vocal mic!
  • Always mute the mic when switching between V or I modes to avoid hearing a loud POP. Switching the mode means you are simultaneously switching the input and output of the mic's dual set of electronics!
  • For vocals or lower SPL sources, start with the "V" mode and use the proximity effect to taste. Bock's V mode offers a classic vocal mic sound that's "warmer" and not overly bright.
  • For kick drums and other high SPL sources, try the "I" mode. This classic FET sound may be used close up on a kick drum, snare drum, toms, bass amp, or super-loud vocalist.
  • Specifications
    Patterns: Cardioid
    Frequency Range:10Hz to 16kHz, +/-2dB
    Sensitivity: 9mv/Pa ("i" mode), 12mV/Pa ("V" mode)
    Equivalent Noise:18dB ("A" weighted) 32dB (unweighted)
    Distortion vs.SPL @1kHz:
    126dB = 0.5% THD
    127dB = 1% THD
    129dB = 2% THD
    Impedance: 200 Ohms true transformer balanced
    Recommended load: 2k Ohms
    Dynamic range (maxSPL-"A"noise): 94dB
    S/N (94dB-noise): 76dB "A", 62dB unweighted
    Capsule size: 1" diameter, single backplate K47 type
    Power Consumption: 1.2mA@48Vdc
    Dimensions: 2" dia x 8.5" oal (52x216mm)
    Weight: 1 lb 9.3oz (1.58lbs) =716g
    Shipping weight: 2 lbs
    Power Supply: User Provided
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