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Boutique Audio
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Boutique Audio 2 Module Rack for NEVE 1272/1290

These racks are constructed of thick steel with a resilient powder coated black wrinkle finish. The front panels are .160 thick aluminum and are powder coated black with a satin low glare finish. The top panels are vented for heat dissipation. The racks also include natural aluminum satin finish handles.

The power supplies are located to the right and rear of the rack where they are enclosed in a steel shield for greater isolation.

Rear of modules is supported by a unique foam insert.

The front panel consists of level controls and various switches to process the audio and also ? jacks to plug directly into the rack.

The rear of the rack includes xlr inputs and outputs and a power cord (IEC cable) inlet


This rack will hold many different modules, including:
Neve 1272,1290

The front panel consists of (left to right)
1/4" Instrument input
Module Slots
Stepped gain
Level control
Mic / Line switch
Phase reverse
Phantom power switch
Power on/off switch

The rear panel consists of (left to right)
AC inlet
Mic input
Line output

Physical Dimensions:
Width: 19" Height: 5.25" (3RU) Depth: 14"

24 lbs

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