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The Bryston 14BSSTē PRO dual channel (stereo) amplifier is basically two 7B's which have been combined in a dual mono modular design. 2 X 600 Watts into 8 Ohms.

The 14BSST2 is a dual channel 600 Watt audio power amplifier. The 14BSST2 can accept a balanced (3-pin XLR connector) or single ended input (RCA or phono connector) and can be set to a gain of 29dB (sensitivity = 1V) or 23dB (sensitivity = 2V). The 14BSST2 includes 'soft start' power control circuitry to eliminate high inrush currents when A/C power is applied. The power up or turn-on of the 14BSST2 may be activated by a remote control voltage 4v to 12v ac or dc.
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • Variable attenuator (potentiometer) and gain select switch (23dB or 29dB)
  • No fans or other moving parts
  • Convection cooled and housed in a fully aluminum chassis
  • 19" black rack mountable faceplate (4U)
  • Specifications
    Power Capabilities:
    600W into 8 Ohms (900W into 4 Ohms)

    Power Output:
    600 Watts, per channel into 8 Ohms
    900 Watts, per channel into 4 Ohms

    1 Vin for 100 Watts out into 8 Ohms, 29dB gain selected
    2 Vin for 100 Watts out into 8 Ohms, 23dB gain selected

    Input Impedance:
    50K Ohms balanced input (XLR)
    58K Ohms single ended input (RCA)

    .005 % 20Hz to 20KHz at 600 Watts into 8
    .007 % 20Hz to 20KHz at 900 Watts into 4

    110 dB Input shorted, 20Hz to 20KHz, gain set to 29dB
    113 dB Input shorted, 20Hz to 20KHz, gain set to 23dB

    Slew Rate:
    60 V/mSec

    Power Bandwidth:
    <1 >100K Hz

    Damping Factor:
    300 at 20Hz, ref 8

    approx. 41.3 (91) Kg (lbs)

    Power Consumption:
    215 Watts at idle
    1284 Watts at 600 Watts output into 8
    1980 Watts at 900 Watts output into 8

    Heat Dissipation:
    733 BTU/hr at idle
    2333 BTU/hr at 600 Watts output into 8
    3684 BTU/hr at 900 Watts output into 4
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