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The Bryston 2B LP PRO is a compact, high quality, dual-channel (stereo) amplifier which provides a musically accurate, extremely reliable, no compromise power source.

Bryston's 2B-LP stereo power amplifier consists of two amplifier modules, each with its own power supply, which can be operated independently or combined (MONO mode) to form a single 200 watt amplifier (8 load) in a 1 rack height chassis. Operated indepen- dently (DUAL mode) each channel can deliver 60 watts into 8 (or 100 watts into 4). Each of the two amplifier modules use 2 of Bryston's custom power transistors for a total of 4 output devices per 2B-LP.
  • Bridging switch configures amplifier into a single 200W channel
  • Convection cooled and housed in a fully aluminum chassis
  • No fans or other moving parts
  • 19" black rack mountable faceplate (1U)
  • Separate channel modules removable from the front without removing the rack
  • Inputs:
    Balanced Inputs (XLR)

    Power Capabilities:
    60W into 8 Ohms (100 into 4 Ohms)
    200W into 8 Ohms (bridged mono)

    Front panel gain controls (potentiometer)
    ΒΌ" head phone jack (in place of front panel power switch)

    Output power:
    60 watts/ch @ 8
    100 watts/ch @ 4
    200 watts bridged @ 8

    <.01%, 20Hz to 20KHz

    100dB below full output

    below noise, 20Hz to 20KHz at 50 watts

    Slew rate:

    Damping factor:
    >500@20Hz, ref. 8

    Power BW:
    .5Hz to >500KHz

    Input impedance:
    50K unbalanced
    10K balanced

    Power Consumption & Heat Load:
    1. Idle Current 58W
    2. Stereo 8 Ohms (50W ea.) 286W
    3. Stereo 4 Ohms (100W ea.) 498W 4. Bridged 8 Ohms (200W) 504W
    5. Max. Wattage 504W
    6. Max. Heat Dissipation 304W / 1037 Btu/Hr
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