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Middle TS-10 Sub Tower (Six - 6.5 inch drivers each)

Subwoofer Towers specifically designed to integrate with our T-10 Series Tower Speakers. These stereo Sub Towers can be used with either our ?Passive or Active' T-10 Tower speakers.

Middle TS-10 Sub Tower (Six - 6.5 inch drivers each)

All the Bryston TS-10 Subwoofer Towers utilize the Bryston BAX-2 digital electronic crossover with intelligent DSP to ensure optimize performance.
The TS-10's have a perfectly linear response down to their specific cutoff point. This gives you bass realism, texture and control like you have never experienced before.

The intelligent DSP also means your TS-10 Subwoofer plays at very powerful levels without ever having to worry about unwanted pops and noises coming from your subwoofer.

The TS-10 stereo subwoofer towers will require the new Bryston BAX2 (2-way electronic crossover) and two more channels of amplification with dedicated software which utilizing DSP will blend the TS-10 Tower to the Mains over the bass frequency range response from 150Hz down to their specific cutoff point.

So, at the very low frequencies you will have the stereo TS Subwoofer Tower bass and the bass drivers in the stereo Mains all acting as one large massive integrated bass driver.

This is the optimum way to achieve the proper integration of your Main speakers with your Subs. It will also drive the room in the bass area from multiple points in space which helps reduce the standing waves in your listening room as well as incredibly low distortion throughout the very low bass frequencies due to multiple low frequency drivers sharing the load.
  • Ultra High-Power Woofer Design
  • ? Enclosure Sealed
    ? Die Cast Woofer Basket
    ? DSP Amplitude Response Control
    ? Featuring XLF (Extended Low Frequency) Intelligent Control
    Matches Physically and Cosmetically the Model T-10 Tower
    Dimensions H W D (inches) 72" x 12" x 17"
    Dimensions H W D (mm) 1830 x 310 x 440
    Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Hz 16 - 150
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