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Bubblebee Industries The Lav Concealer for RODE LAV (Single, Black)


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Mounting the RODE LAV lavalier microphone on the body & in clothing or costumes has just become so much easier.

This soft, pliable mount covers many different mounting options, moulding itself to the surface and acting as a shock mount, protecting the microphone capsule from vibration and friction to make fitting easy and give you much better sound recordings.

The LAV Concealer for Rode LAV comes with our new LAV Concealer Tape. The LC Tape is very easy to apply, very strong and hypoallergenic for mounting either directly on skin or to clothing without worry.
Keeps material away from the Rode LAV capsule in tight spaces under or in clothing, protecting the mic from friction noise and vibrations.

Moulded rubber compound made for excellent vibration and friction absorption.

Available in Matt Black or Matt White finish. The matt finish is non-reflective for discrete hiding.

The removable and movable wire clothing clip allows you to mount in many different ways, from the front, back and top or bottom of The Lav concealer.

The removable wire fabric guard keeps fabric from touching the capsule. The combination of wire and rubber materials acts as excellent friction absorpsion, cutting any transmission of friction to the mic capsule.

Provides many options for mounting the Rode LAV on talent easily, effectively and professionally, manytimes under high pressure on sets.
What's included:
  • 1 x The LAV Concealer (Either Black or White finish)
  • 1 x wire clothing clip
  • 1 x wire fabric guard
  • 6 x pieces of The LAV Concealer Tape
  • 5.0
    Ben Srokosz
    Chatham, Ontario Canada
    October 1, 2023
    Simply the best Lav solution
    The Bubblebee Lav Concealers are the most versatile, durable, and effective way to conceal Lavs on talent. The rubber construction makes them virtually indestructible, and the options of clips, concealer tape, or corner holes for sewing onto wardrobe Read more
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