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The Spacer Kit - Large from Bubblebee Industries gives you the weather protection you need to record sound with any shotgun mic, ideal for sound stage work with green screens

The Kit consists of 1 Spacer Bubble base, 1 short-haired fur cover, 1 bag to store and dry the fur in + 1 long-haired spacer cover to be used in harsh weather.

The combination of the foam and the mesh provides the perfect conditions for recording indoors. And if you suddenly have to act fast and go outside, simply slip-on the short-haired fur and experience the optimal transparency within seconds. If outside conditions get rough, slip on the long-haired fur instead and get the best possible wind noise protection with optimal frequency transparency.

When the recordings are wrapped, you can always keep track of your Spacer Bubble by leaving on the base on your boom or camera mic, and collecting the fur slip-on in the included mesh storage bag. In that way you'll always be ready!

Available in seven sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL, plus you can also get two models where the rubber mount has a larger diameter for Sennheiser MKH50 or similar: XS-M Big Mount and XL-M Big Mount.


  • Be prepared for ALL kinds of wind in just seconds.
  • Switch locations fast and always get the best transparency while blocking the wind noise.
  • Specially designed rubber base for super easy and secure mounting.
  • Base windshield made from highly efficient mesh.
  • Slip-on fur made from Bubblebee Industries' best imitation fur (high amount of hair pieces per cm2) which allows for optimal frequency transparency.
  • Quick drying of the fur if it gets wet. You can just place it in the mesh bag.
  • Comes in seven different sizes - sure to find a size that perfectly fits your favorite shotgun mic.
  • Save valuable time while getting best quality.
  • Practical mesh bag included for easy storage and fast mounting.
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Spécifications

    1 Spacer Bubble base
    1 Short-haired fur cover
    1 Long-haired spacer cover
    1 Mesh bag

    These chroma key green Spacer Bubbles are customizable with a white dipper band around the tip, or black, as required.
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