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Bubblebee Industries The Windbubble United - LAV Size 4


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The Windbubble United - LAV Size 4 consists of one black, one grey, one white and one brown package of one size miniature imitation-fur windscreens

The Bubblebee Windbubbles consist of an outer shell of the finest imitation fur (we do like them animals) and an inner core of nothing.

And this nothing is exactly what makes the bubble so special. The air enters the bubble for a short visit, finds it rather dull, and quickly leaves again without harming the microphone inside.

So instead of the wind hammering on the microphone and making those horrible "I'm in the middle of a hurricane"- sounds, it passes right through.

The Windbubbles are specially constructed to be mounted quickly and easily on the specified types of microphone and to not fall off during use.

The tiny elastic wire legs make it easy to mount the Windbubbles on the Lavalier microphones.
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