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The CPM-3 is a Mono Phantom Powered C-Ducer with 1x3" Tape Microphone. Perfect for percussion in a Live situation.

Sound Effects
C-ducer is a very useful tool in the sound effects department. It is easily stuck to a creaky door, floorboards (for picking-up footsteps), a typewriter or virtually anything that makes a sound.

Under Water
C-ducer makes an excellent hydrophone. It does however, require a waterproof coating or sheath if prolonged immersion is anticipated.

Industrial & Mechanical Vibration
The sound emitted by worn bearings in an engine or gear train can be readily detected by attaching the C-ducer to the engine block or transmission case. Where excessive heat prevents direct contact, C-ducer can be wrapped around a rod or screwdriver, the end of which is pressed against the block or case. An industrial preamplifier is available for use when frequency response beyond that of audio is required.

Electric Instruments
An interesting and appealing sound can be obtained by putting a C-ducer on the headstock of a guitar or electric
bass. This sound can then be mixed with the signal from the electric pickups if desired. Parts of the body on electric instruments also frequently produce appealing sounds. Using this acoustic signal for one half of a stereo sound can be very interesting.

The C-Ducer Preamplifier
The C-ducer CP System uses a low-noise preamplifier which has been integrated within the XLR-type connector. The output from this connector is suited to any standard 600 ohm balanced.

The C-Ducer tape
The C-ducer (Capacitive-trans-ducer) is a contact condenser microphone. It is light in weight so as to minimize interference with the vibration of the instrument to which it is attached, and it has a phenomenal dynamic range (the transducer itself has a dynamic capability of >155dB) and can handle the amplitudes within a bass drum without distortion. The frequency response of the transducer is an incredible 0.1Hz to 1MHz, although this is deliberately restricted within the preamplifier to minimize induced noise and interference.Two lengths of C-ducer tape are available, 3" (7.5cm) and 8" (20cm). The shorter length is suitable for smaller instruments (violin, folk harp, banjo etc), and the longer tape is designed for other acoustic ,stringed instruments (double-bass, cello, acoustic guitar etc),drums and piano. There are two C-ducer systems for use on piano and they both use two tapes; one has a mono output (the CP2/8), and the other has stereo outputs (CPS/8). The tapes are applied in exactly the same position on the piano in both cases.
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